Friday, January 04, 2008

I got nuttin'

It's snowing. Again.

I thought I'd be able to say the sun was shining today, the sky was blue, but nope. It's snowing.

This morning I listened to the radio, hoping to hear some extreme moronities. I did, in spades.

Bus fares have gone up again, service refuses to improve.

I barely got any work done yesterday because of the constant interruptions.

And even the valentines day decorations I saw in several stores have yet to inspire a rant (though they no doubt will).

So I got nuttin' for you.

I'm in a great mood. I'm going back up to the cottage tonight, seeing a good friend for dinner. I'll be standing in the window drinking my tea and watching the birds tomorrow morning. And Red. Damn squirrel will no doubt be standing in the feeder chittering at me saying "Dude, where are my peanuts. Get your ass out here, I want my peanuts!" Telling him the peanuts are for the birds will not help.

So guys, I got nuttin'. I'm in such a great mood that I'm completely incapable of even improvising a rant.

It's starting to scare me. Is 2008 turning me into Pollyanna, sweet as 6 inches of fluffy frosting on a cake? Am I morphing into one of those gratitude journal (thanks Jocelyn) toting, Oprah loving... um, I have no nice noun to cover those adjectives so I guess, since I have nothing nice to say I'll say nothing. (Gag me!!)

Fer chrissake, I went out into the snow and made a snowman because a blogger asked for snowmen. Me... snow... it just doesn't compute! And Pop lives THOUSANDS. OF. MILES. AWAY!

Damn, I'm mutating into a saccharine shrew...


A Happy Downtowner said...

You? a saccharine shrew? That will be the day! lol I'm also getting ready for my rant on Valentine's Day *gag me*

Feed that poor Red will ya? He's so cute. And we'll build a snowman, or should we say snow*person*, together one day.

Enjoy the cottage and the dinner with the good friend. These are always good.

furiousBall said...

Jocelyn is great (also a member of the furiousBall cookie club)

i'm still envious of your snow

ticknart said...

If 2008 turns you into a Pollyanna, it'll be the Pollyanna after she falls out of the tree, when she's bitter and hates everyone and everything.

Tai said...

Yer so Pollyanna!
Now go feed the squirrel!

Yours sweetly shrewishly,

Rachel said...

LOL "Saccharine shrew." I LOVE this!!!!

Oh, and you might be reading too many American blogs. You said "miles." Be careful, or you might mutate into a Yank!!
(Though we would welcome you with joy!)

Ian Lidster said...

You got lots, darlin' and I rely on you to help keep the bastards in their place. You and me, babe. We can do it.

geewits said...

Nah, it's just the real you peeking out. But even the sweetest bloggers can get fired up for a good rant now and then.

(The last 3 letters of my WV were "cad").

Dave said...

Well you may fell you have nuttin but I found something from your post... enjoyment... :-) Thank you!

That girl said...

Cheer up buttercup! on thursday apparantly it will all melt away, you guys are going to get sunshine!! A whopping 16C apparantly! (How odd, given the current temperature)

I am guessing the mood will be quite lighter on this blog on thursday because of it ;-)

CS said...

Ha ha ha. I'm trying to picture you wearing pink ruffles and carrying a parasol. ... Nope... can't do it.

The OE said...

For the record, Pollyanna is not one of my aliases

Jocelyn said...

Don't fear, hon. Just because you're content doesn't mean you've lost your edges. You're still sharp in all the ways that matter.

Now go drink tea and wine and stuff.

Josie said...

Even your nuttin' is better than most folks something. :-)

Don't you just hate it when bus fares go up, and the service just keeps getting worse? How does that work, anyway?

Jill said...

Dear God! Just say no to the gratitude journal! Don't make me come up there.

Jazz said...

HapDow - It was a great evening - and weekend.

Furiousball - I'm envious of your non-snow. Does that make us even?

Ticknart - If I've gotta be Pollyanna, that's the version I want to be.

Tai - Feeding birds, having it stolen by dumb (or not so dumb) rodent. Check

Rachel - Km, miles... it's far. As for mutating into a yank, so long as I don't mutate into a Republican yankee I'm ok with that.

Ian - Yep, we can do it...

Geewits - Do NOT spread that rumour!

Dave - Glad you got something out of it. I aim to please.

Girl - This coming from meteorologists who can't predict the temperature 24 hours in advance. Thursday is still far far away.

CS - That would probably be because I've never worn pink ruffles in my life. Even as a kid, I could never picture myself with a frilly wedding. Or even just being a bride, never mind the frills.

OE - I'm not sure of that. It would be a great disguise I'm betting.

Joce - Wine

Josie - I have no idea what the logic is. And now they're talking bus strike - which will be another reason to increase the fares come June.

Jill - Well, if a gratitude journal will bring you to the great white north: I am grateful for....