Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chemicals, Chemicals Everywhere!

Apparently when sterilized baby bottles leach some sort of chemical.

Actually, for the record, so do reused water bottles, the type people fill and refill and refill numerous times.

And earlier this week in the news there was something about how TVs are dangerous. And apparently coffee pots. Though honestly I don't know how or why. I wasn't really listening.

A few years ago it was rays from cell phones penetrating users brains.

Or something. I don't much follow the scientific "studies" (there's sarcasm in them there quotation marks) regularly belched out and pounced on by the media.

The scientists need to publish results - any results - for funding and the media, well they just love to scare people.

Personally if I were a parent I'd be much more afraid of the sodium content of a fast food lunch (which is way over the amount a child should eat in a day) than an infinitesimal amount of some chemical leaching into the boiling water used to sterilize a baby bottle (which water is discarded anyway).

This being said, no doubt about it we lead toxic lives. We poison ourselves daily just by breathing. We surely inhale and eat and otherwise absorb many more dangerous chemicals than the average person did in the 18th century. With the possible exception of hatters. And maybe tanners.

We also have a life expectancy at least double that of your average 18th century person who was usually under ground at 35-40.

Everything is relative, ain't it?

As, I suppose is this picture I found while looking for my fast food lunch. Why would you brag about being the fast food capital of anywhere? My mind she is all boggleded.


Ian Lidster said...

Transvestites are dangerous? I always suspected as much.

But, your telling point, despite all that hysteria fomented by the so-called 'scientific' community scarifiers is that we do indeed live much longer than anyone previously in history.

God, what a self-obsessed breed we are.

furiousBall said...

i try to steer clear of fast food, because it's so fatty and i can make better food at home for a lot less moolah.

but mcdonald's fries, well let's just say i love them a lot.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Great post Jazz, as usual. ITA, don't know why someone would be proud of living in a city that proclaims itself as the capital of fast food! I was watching CBC Marketplace a few weeks ago about the Heart check labels that are placed on some foods so they can be marketed as "good fer ya"... what boggled the mind was all the processed food being labelled as actually good for your health? huh??? cake type muffins for kids, Mac & Cheese that I'm sure has no trace of actual milk in them good for them??? I digress... It was later revealed that companies actually buy the right to use the labels on their products... right... now that boggles the mind.

So I guess I'll continue to enjoy my healthy living with the occasional foray into toxity via flat screen TV, coffee pot, and my cell phone. I ain't giving that one up! lol

Tai said...

They're PROUD to be the biggest purveyors of crap food in all America??

Yours disgustedly and certain to never travel there,

Susan Tuttle said...

I guess all we can do is what is within our control. I live in Maine - a gorgeous state that barely puts out any pollution -- the thing that really bugs me, is that we still get dangerous days of pollution now and then, from trade winds that come up the Eastern seaboard and from the midwest.


Anonymous said...

I'm way more afraid of fast food than I am of refilled-plastic water bottles. And clowns. I'm terrified of clowns.

Jocelyn said...

I guess if you have absolutely no claim to fame in any other capacity, artery-clogging would be a way to make a name for a town, eh?

Damn glad both my kids completely refused bottles. Sure, my breasts leeched something, but something less toxic.

Dumdad said...

They publish all these scary reports about health that stress us out and that in turn puts us at more risk from stroke and heart disease which worries us even more so we drink or take drugs to forget and they are also bad for us so . . .

Jazz said...

Ian - self absorbed indeed.

Furiousball - Funny, I don't much like McDonald's fries even though most people I know love 'em.

HD - Toxic is sometimes very very good.

Tai - You and me both

Susan - No matter what, we all affect each other. Unfortunately, if it isn't in their back yard most people don't care.

Citizen - Clowns. So many people are terrified of clowns. Why is that? Except for the clown in Stephen King's IT i'm pretty much indifferent to clowns

Jocelyn - I have no claim to fame, and here I am about to eat a grapefruit.

Dumdad - So turn of the tv and "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die". Wiser words were never spoken.

Rachel said...

I've heard so much bullcrap from the media I consider the media to be more toxic to our health than much of what's out there! so I don't pay any credence to the fear-mongering hype anymore. really, people gotta chill out and turn the damn tv off.

I prefer wendy's french fries, myself.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

It's bad that the last picture is making me consider moving to Texas, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Because they are creepy and insincere. A painted-on smile - what's up with that? And why the huge feet? It's just wrong.