Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In the news today

Another 15 cm of snow overnight plus another 5-10 tomorrow mixed with freezing rain and ice pellets.

We need this? I think not. We've already broken the record for amount of snow in a winter. We get it. Global warming does not mean less snow.

Give us a break now, please. I can't take much more of this without going postal.


And Conrad Black was in the news. Apparently he took a shower in prison, and had supper with his fellow inmates.

This is news?

No, this is gossip mag fare. Not even gossip mag fare since, I venture, most avid readers of the National Enquirer or Star (is that even a mag title?) don't even know who Conrad Black is.

This is not something that should be in a serious newspaper, nor on the radio or TV news, especially when the local story is that a firefighter in Varennes is missing after a fire.

Who the fuck cares if Conrad Black has showers or not? OK, he's in prison, now let it the hell go!!!



Ian Lidster said...

But, the question has to be, did Conrad shoeer alone? By the way, did he get a tin mug to run along the bars of his cell in protest?
I'm sorry about your snow. So, I guess common decency should dictate that I shouldn't tell you about the daffodils being in bud.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Ah yes, Conrad and his new digs... They made a comparison from his old one to his new one and I'm like WTF??? Anything to sell ink I say. Or airtime, or radiowaves, whatever...

Yep, global warming indeed... We didn't get the BIG STORM they were forecasting but you guys sure did. Two more are coming our way and well, like good neighbours, we'll send them your way :) No, don't thank me... I know you want to kill me lol

furiousBall said...

you love snow, you know it.

Rachel said...

Ah, global warming! Well, look at it this way: you may find yourself covered in snowdrifts 10 feet high, but at least you won't find yourself under an ocean that grew 30 feet deeper and in-land due to melting polar ice.

Gotta see the bright side to things, dontcha know?

Tai said...
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Tai said...

If Ian won't mention the daffodils that are just about to bloom, then I guess I won't either.

And frankly, I don't care if Mr. Black ever takes a shower again! This is not NEWS!!! Can someone please take over the journalism schools that are turning out these 'journalists' who focus on this crap and explain the difference to them!?! Geeeeeezzzzz.

geewits said...

Is it news if he and Pierre Baillargeon are washing each others' hair?

Ian Lidster said...

There is an award for you, dear soul sister, so come by my blog and pick it up.

Jocelyn said...

Wait a minute: you didn't tell us WHAT he had for dinner.

Jazz said...

Ian - Common decency indeed requires that you zip it about the flowers. Or I might have to kill you award or no.

HD - I will be nice and say nothing at all.

Furiousball - Yeah, right, of course I do.

Rachel - There is that.

Tai - Is it the journalists or the readers?

Geewits - Now THAT's an image I'd rather not have in my head!

Jocelyn - No doubt some starchy something or other.

Dumdad said...

It's news because he was an influential owner of a group of newspapers spanning Canada, Britain and Europe. He was found guilty of a major fraud and he was jailed for six and a half years.

People are interested to see how the mighty have fallen and that they get punished like anyone else.

Of course, you also have the right to be completely uninterested and move to the next item. I read the story with interest because he used to be my boss.

Sorry to hear the snow is getting you down. We haven't had snow in Paris yet although having just written that I guess it'll be on its way.

Jazz said...

Dumdad - That he was found guilty of fraud and jailed is definitely news. We're on the same page there. That he showered in jail, I think, is not.

No more, I think than the fact that he might end up getting toilet scrubbing duty, as the Montreal Gazette reported on its front page (in a small article, but front page nevertheless).

citizen of the world said...

I don't know who Conrad Black is (and I also don't read National Enquirer), but I can assure you I am deeply, deeply interested in the fact that he showered. Thanks for sharing that, I can sleep well tonight.

(And sorry about all that snow, hon.)