Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was doing a way overdue cleanup of my bookmarks and figured I'd share some of my favourites - things that aren't necessarily in my blogroll (which is also in serious need of updating). No comments on the blogs/websites, they stand perfectly on their own.

Favourite art blogs and websites (in no particular order). Can you tell I love collage?

Maggie Taylor

Papiers collés

Thrifty Collage

El Collage

Charles Farrell Collage

Misty Mawn

Paris Daily Photo

Daily Collage Project

Ilka's Attic

Exploring Art

Mind's eye Collage

This is the place I'd sell my soul to go to if I had a soul to sell. I will not discuss whether this is because I've never had a soul or because it's already sold - moot point. Seriously though:

Sqwam ARt Worshops

Other websites:

Smart bitches


What not to knit

What not to crochet


Show me yours!


furiousBall said...

i should start blogging about knitting

A Happy Downtowner said...

Hey, great list. I also have the Paris daily photo. My partial list...

Tout le monde en parle

Cyberpresse Stephane Laporte

Tetes a claques


Rick Mercer Report

This Hour Has 22 Minutes

And various travel, shopping, weather sites. Too many, need to weed some of them out. Maybe I'll tackle that this afternoon :)

Josie said...

I have things in my bookmarks and favorites that I don't even remember putting there ...or why.

choochoo said...

IIIIIIIIIIK! I feel so rejected. Well... Not really. I know I'm the best. Oh yeah. I rock. Totaly.

Jazz said...

Furiousball - When I look the patterns they put on those two blogs I'm glad I'm completely incapable of knitting. Those things are repulsive.

HD - Ah good intentions, I have weeding and updating to do and I never get around to it.

Josie - yeah really. Actually I just did a surface purge. I still have stuff bookmarked that I really don't understand either.

Choochoo - You're in my blogroll, what more do you want?

Dave said...

Thanks for your links... I checked a few of them out and kept a couple. What's a couple more to my already too long collection!?!

Hageltoast said...

I haven't checked out post secret in ages!!
I would recomend Neil Gaimans website. Very cool author site. Also, if you are doing a cook book project check out Chocolate & zuccini (sp?) I was reading her blog before he book came out and went and bought it, great book, great site!

geewits said...

I want a knitted sock monkey dress and I want it today!!

Have a great weekend!

Jocelyn said...

Postsecret always gets my heart to beat differently.

Oh, and I now want to take every one of Squam's classes.

Suzan Buckner said...

Hello!! I finally got you in my blogroll, and got over here--after not blog surfing for a long time!

Anyway--I love your questionaire! Great answers! Your blog is wonderful, and great reading!!

Thank you for including me in your list..though you might have told them that I don't say very many intelligent things...LOL..

The Squams link is wonderful!!! I want to take all of the classes. Unfortunately, I don't do well in classes of any kind..because I am one, always smarter than the teacher, or two, just plain bored out of my

Sorry, that you are in snow. I hate it too. I am originally from the beach, and had not seen snow until I married my husband, and moved up here 6 years ago.

blah..blah..blah..didn't mean to leave a novel on your comment section...