Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Edited to add: Damn, I loathe this template too.

I thought it might be time to clean up my blogroll, add the blogs I check out, delete those that haven't been updated in months, that sort of thing.*

I figured I should change my template, because I've been bored to death with the one I had for ages now.

I changed. I tweaked. I'm still damn bored.

What is it with blogger and its templates? Why so boring? Do none of the blogger template meisters have any imagination?

If not what are they doing there?

How do I go about finding something cool?

How do I load it without losing my blog?

Remember, we're talking someone who doesn't even have a microwave, so changing a template could be very hazardous business.

So many questions.

So few answers.

It's tough being me.

* And this morning, after the cleanup, I see they have a new thing called a "Blog List"... They do this to me on purpose you know.


Rhea said...

I'm such a clean freak that it even extends to my blogroll. I go through it fairly often to rid it of old links. I actually like doing it.

furiousBall said...

I added this drop down list for my blogroll, so I don't have to see how untidy mine is

Em said...

Looks good to me...but yeah, blogger does not exactly roll with amazing templates. Of course, if they did, I would find a way to screw it up.

Dumdad said...

Yes, I've just discovered the new blog list thing. I'm in the middle of compiling it; there must be an easier way than laboriously copy and pasting?

Jazz said...

Rhea - you want to do mine from now on?

Fuball - now THAT sounds like a plan

Em - Blogger is idiot proof - or so they claim

Dumdad - I started compiling it but it wouldn't take a couple of my favourite blogs. Very annoyed Jazz is.

Ian Lidster said...

Don't ask me for help. At least you changed yours. I agree about the uninspiring designs. But, I generally find I agree with virtually everything that pisses you off. Same page, opposite sides of the country.

VioletSky said...

Yes, I agree, they are very unimaginative. I find I get bored so easily, and keep rearranging the colours, the font, the bloglists. Forever tampering. I like the look of the blogs with artwork and scrolls and originality and I can never quite reach that. Still cannot upload (?) photos. microwave???

anyway, thanks for cleaning up your blog list and sticking me in there.

Rachel said...

I like the green better than the brown. And I have no advice on templates. Sorry. :)

Big Brother said...

I'm completely discombobulated (I've always wanted to find an excuse to use that word.) How can I have a stable, productive world view if you keep changing things on me. I need stability in my life and if you start changing everything.... aghhhhh!!!

geewits said...

This will be terribly unhelpful, but I liked the one you had a few times back or last time or before that. This one's fine though because it has green, and I love green. Don't you love sound technical advice like this?

That girl said...

It's not the template that makes the blogger, it's the ...

well you get it. I always love reading you, regarless of your template.

By the way, as you were getting rid of the 'dead wood' of non bloggers, you took me off your list too. Not that I blame you, i've been on hiatus since April.

But I'm back now, ready to read :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Blogger templates better than Wordpress templates. And you know, you can get into the html sections and alter colors using hexidecimal codes. Really.

Jazz said...

Ian - maybe we're long lost twins, separated at birth by some evil leprechauns.

Violet - Yeah, I want to be original. But then I'm depressingly average in real life, so it's only fitting that the blog look depressingly average too. Nope, no microwave - the only unaverage thing about me.

Rachel - I was pretty damn sick of the brown too.

BB - Keep changing things? This is the first time I change my template. Sheesh. The things I put up with so you can use discombobulated!

Geewits - Um... this is the first time I ever changed my template. I had the brown one since 2005 when I started this blog.

That Girl - I thought you'd stopped. And I can't even get into your blog. When I click the link, blogger stops me cold. Blogger hates me dontcha know. And maybe you too.

Citizen - Hexidecimal codes. Yeah. Well... Um... Yeah.

Carolyn said...

Hey Jazz, how've ya been?

I'm a technological-stupido, so I rely on blogger for all of my blogging needs, and I too am quite bored by their boring templates.

and I too have to check out this mysterious "Blog List" thingy.... hopefully it's not over my head.

Jazz said...

Carolyn - OMG! My first ever commenter. I thought you'd stopped blogging! I'm on my way to catch up...

Jocelyn said...

I can't believe Citizen used the word "hexidecimal." I'm with you on wanting something zippy but having no idea how to make that happen.

I've never attempted a blogroll, as it seems overwhelming and time consuming, and I'm already a few hours short each day...but I admire you heartily.

Jazz said...

Joce - Do you even have a clue what hexidecimal means?

Suzan Buckner said...

You can google Blogger Templates, and get a multitude of free templates, that work with Blogger.
Also--where is my blog (on your blogroll)??You deleted's because religious fanatics chase me,isn't it?? BooHooHoo...isn't it bad enough that they glued a long wig to my head?