Monday, August 18, 2008

At 47 I still kick ass...

.... I just do it in more expensive shoes.

And I have the proof, since Urban Animal has seen fit to bestow the following award upon me...

Kick Ass Blogger Award

See, it says right there: You are looking at a kick ass blogger. Awards never lie... do they?

So thanks Animal for thinking I'm kick ass and giving me something to blog about on what otherwise would have been a blogless Monday morning in August.

And because there are rules - and unlike Geewits I feel obliged to go by the rules (I really need to take flaunt**-the-rules lessons from her), I bring you - drumroll please:


- Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"

- Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter (what the hell is twitter?) or blog comments that they've received an award

- Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to Mammadawg

- Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

As an aside, have you ever stopped to think that eventually these awards should make their way to every blogger in the universe, if every person actually does pass it on to five more? Doesn't that seem sort of pointless? Just sayin'

I sort of hate doing this though, since, if I'm actually reading a blog, it's a kick ass blog. I wouldn't read drivel now would I? So you can consider anyone on my blogroll as a kick ass blogger...

Anyway, as I must follow the rools, here are my five choices:

First off Suzan Buckner , aka the Thrifty Collage Artist. I discovered her blog a couple of months back and we developed a friendship beyond the blog. She posts her art journal pages which I love and which keep me going back (can you spell addiction anyone? Obviously I can). Besides, I just won one of her paintings so I owe her.

ChooChoo - Another blogger I became friends with. Yeah, so I'm biased in my choices, sue me. She seems to have decided to blog again after a summer off. It was way overdue. Choochoo is funny, caustic and her adventures with her dog (Pooch) and Bergerac (her brain) never fail to make me laugh.

Ticknart - I've been following his blog for a long time now. I have no idea how I even found it, but there you go (my own "Bergerac" seems to be spending more and more time on vacation). I like his take on the joys of civil service in California.

BB - Because if I don't give him a award once in a while he'll beat me up. He would you know. Y'all think he's such a nice guy, but I'm his baby sis, so I know.

Jonah at Gefilte Fish Blues. I just recently found his blog and the guy is hilarious. The neuroses of a Jewish lawyer. He's brilliant. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to blog that often. His last post, dated August 5, is titled Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. We're still waiting Jonah!

And because I have to break the rules to some extent, I'll pass it on to Ian too, because a) I like to complicate his life and b) he'll pass it on to several people I would give it to if I could give it to my whole blogroll.

** Edited to add: Damn, I knew that was wrong! It's FLOUT! Flout the rules, as Ian pointed out in his blog of today. In a rant. Where I was not named. But I picked up on it, I did. I won't make the mistake again Ian, I promise!


furiousBall said...

I know Choo Choo, but the others are new. That's what I like about rewards, I get some new stuff to read

Dumdad said...


Of course, if this were a Brit award it would Kick Arse Blogger.

ticknart said...


ticknart said...

Also, you found my blog through Choochoo's. How she found mine is only known by Bergerac and Goose Christ, and I doubt either one's talking.

Suzan Buckner said...

Thank you!!! As long as it's not my ass your kicking, I'll accept it!!!LOL..Oh by the didn't win a won that ugly "glued everything but the kitchen sink thing that I made.."..***evil snicker..

Jonah K. Haslap said...

Woo hoo! Awards are fun. The only award I got before I started writing was "Least Photogenic" when I was a member of the Washington, DC gay men's chorus. That one wasn't as fun.


Ian Lidster said...

You totally kick ass and that's why I love you. Hope Mr. Jazz doesn't mind, but that's likely why he loves you, too. Anyway, my dear, thank you for the award I and I shall attempt to follow all the protocols as I send it on.

Jazz said...

Fuball - That's what I hate about awards, I always end up with more people to read. Eventually I'll have to quit my day job and read blogs full time.

Dumdad - Arse. Why do the British put Rs every time there's an A in a word? Australiar, Canadar....

Ticknart - I knew I could count on you to fix my brain farts.

Suzan - I would neve kick your ass. Except if you were serious about the "everything but the kitchen sink" piece. ;-p

Ian - I trust your judgement... um... yeah, yeah, I do.

geewits said...

This award is so perfect for you because it is true literally as well as figuratively!

xup said...

Congrats! You DO kick ass -- especially when you get really pissed off. Can't wait for the next rant.

Big Brother said...

OK lil' sister you're safe for another while. ;o) Thanks.

Jocelyn said...

Jonah at Gefelte Fish has been KILLING me these last few months; I'm particularly glad to see you single him out!

(of course, we all know Choochoo rocks...)

Jazz said...

Jonah - I'll keep dishing them out if you keep making me laugh.

Geewits - I humbly thank you.

XUP - I can't seem to get really worked up about anything these days...

BB - Whew!

Joce - Jonah is a riot. As for Choo, when she actually posts she seriously rocks.

choochoo said...

I wanna thank the academy and GOD and.... and... oh, I promised myself I wouldn't cry

Ian Lidster said...

Honest hon' I didn't even notice your gaffe re flaunt/flout. Anyway, if I had I would have assumed you'd done it for the sake of irony since you are ever so clever and literate.