Friday, August 29, 2008

I love you, you love me....

Last night we were at S&M's for dinner. Friends of ours, not a kinky restaurant where waiters are dressed in bondage gear. It's not their fault those are their initials. I could call them M&S, but it just wouldn't have the same "je ne sais quoi" now would it?

During dinner, S mentioned wanting to see Obama's speech. We turned on the TV and we were confronted with Barney, who with all his Barneyness couldn't help but end up on YouTube an hour later.

This morning I searched for him and after a couple of purple dinosaur videos (scary stuff that - how did that oversized purple stuffed toy become so popular?), there he was in all his glory: Barney Smith.

The ex-republican from the heartland. The one with the checked short sleeved shirt buttoned to the neck (whoever dressed the guy really did a good job at the republican hick look). The one who has decided it's time for a change (I guess he wants to be able to buy a house on one salary again, poor deluded Barney). The walking cliché. Even the name: Barney Smith?? If he's for real, good on you Barney, for speaking up there; how did you get the gig?

Them spin doctors? They're good. Cynical? Me??

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen! I bring you Barney Smith and his 15 minutes of fame.

As for Barak - the man has brilliant speech writers and despite my cynicism, I hope he does win the election - if ever there is an election... I'm beginning to think we're all in the twilight zone where it'll be American election time forever more. A sort of American Election Groundhog Day starring Barak Obama and John McCain.

I don't know how much change Barak can actually bring about but in last night's immortal words: Eight Is Enough!

And I have to admit, he chose well for his vice-p running mate. The fact that he has an old white man as sidekick might reassure all those who are a bit squeamish about voting for a black president. I think he would have tanked if he had run with Hillary. That's just too much change for the Barneys of the world. The pasty old white guy with the reassuring head of grey hair and the blindingly white teeth could do wonders for him.

Go Barak!


somewhere joe said...

All the slice-of-lifers were good. But Smith got off one of the best one-liners of the show.

If the dems can't pull it off this year, we're doomed. Eight is enough.

Go Barak!

choochoo said...

Now if they could get Barney THE DINOSAUR to give that speech... that's be cool.

furiousBall said...

eight is indeed enough. a republican administration has once again set records in the lowest levels of foreign policy, and the highest national debt ever.

ticknart said...

Obama's job just got a lot tougher since McCain's picking Sarah Palin to be his VP.

Suzan Buckner said...

I came here looking for the purple dinosaur, singing..I love love me, we're one big, happy fam-i-ly..and I got politics...what is the world coming to???

Hugs!!Have a great weekend!~!!

Suzan Buckner said...

OMG..I had to come back..That old bastard (McClain) just picked a WOMAN young enough to be my daughter as VICE PRESIDENT!!!***shaking head..I am going to become a Canadian citizen and move there if the Republican's win this, and I am bringing the purple dinosaur with me.

Urban Animal said...

Well, no matter what/who will get in, the US is in for a rough ride over the next few years. That country will have to curb that spending, they're about to enter a recession, still having problems with foreclosure, and it will cost big $$$ to sort it all. No matter who gets in, he will have to deliver the bad news. You want change, be prepared to fork out your cash.

geewits said...

I read an article in USA Today that said Obama was going to hole up in the same hotel room he used in 2004 to write his other famous speech, so that implied he was writing it himself. I saw his speech and it was very good, but I missed ole Barney. Thanks for the clip. It was uhm, interesting.

McCain's choice is interesting. The Alaskan governor? Alaska is the state that procurred $300 million in federal money for the famous "bridge to nowhere." I bet we'll be hearing a lot about that in the next month.

And eight IS enough.

Jazz said...

Joe - so he wasn't the only one? Damn, I wish I had seen them all, but I can't muster enough enthusiasm. Were they all as surreal?

Choo - The purple Barney is scary. I don't want him anywhere near me.

Fuball - Politicians is politicians, whatever the party.

Suzan - Well he had to pick someone who embodies change, now didn't he... Makes him look progressive.

UA - Meh, same old same old.

Geewits - Well, he might have written it, or not. Doesn't much matter, it was a damn good speech. The rhythm and timing was impeccable. As for Barney, well he's straight out of the twilight zone.

Ian Lidster said...

I have thoughts about guys who button their shirts up to the top, and they are the same guys who tuck in the tops of their jammies and wear their pants above the waist rather than below, which us normal dudes do.
Yes, I think your points on Obama and his uber white-guy running mate are well considered, and that was probably how they saw it, too.

XUP said...

Obama writing his own speech? Never in a million years. There are specially trained people (teams of them) who get paid tons of money who write his speeches; research every nuance, do focus groups on topics to mention. He's not even allowed to dress himself. He gets coached by psychologists and image consultants on how to stand, how to move, how and when to use his hands to emphasize points; when to look up, when to look down, when to smile. There are committees that see to his hair and make-up. Every appearance is staged within an inch of its life. Nothing, but nothing is left to chance. These are productions that put Hollywood to shame.

choochoo said...

No dirty fantasies about purple Barney, then? :P

Susan Tuttle said...

You are so funny with the S&M restaurant -- LOL.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure that Barak wrote his own speech, not unlike our current president who cannot even spell simple words and relies on others for what to say.


Jazz said...

Ian - one you'll have to tell us your thoughts on guys who button their shirts to the top.

XUP - amazing how "vote for me" has become "vote for he image"

Choo - naw, purple dinosaurs just somehow don't do it for me.

Susan - your current president couldn't write his name in cursive if his life depended on it. Whether or not Obabma wrote his own speech, it was a brilliant speech - better than anything that ever came out of the mouth of Dubbya. If ever he decides to leave active politics, he's got a career in speech writing.

citizen of the world said...

I'm uncertain about the choice of running mate, but if it brings over some undecided voters then I'm all for it. Please, please, please let Obama win.