Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August blues

As beautiful as trees are when they've turned in the autumn, those first red leaves in early August are completely depressing. Yeah, we get the first red leaves, those with the early death wish, the suicidal ones, in August. Just as a reminder that it's all over soon.

Not that there was much to get over this summer, the weather was remarkably stable. It rained and rained and rained some more. I can't help thinking the idea was to keep BB thinking he was still in Ireland. It's probably working, hell I think I'm in Ireland what with the pictures he's posted. Go check them out. Go on, I'll wait. Scoot.

There's something about this time of year. Those last couple of weeks before the kids start school. For the longest time after I was done with school I had this hankering to get back to it at the end of the summer.

Now the end of summer just means more of the same with endless cold to look forward to.

Funny enough, even though the weather pretty much sucked, summer few by in the blink of an eye. It's scary that we're already almost in mid-August and it seems the last time I looked we were in early May. What the hell is up with that? The older I get, the quicker time goes by (even when I'm not having fun). At this rate I'll be 85 by the end of the month.

Honestly people, these days it kind of freaks me out.

But I'll get over it.

When I'm 85.



ticknart said...

So, your, uh, looking forward to fall and winter and the change in weather?

VioletSky said...

Well, I agree that time keeps going by faster and faster. But, I have loved the weather this summer. We have had lots of sun mixed in with the rain. Lots of drama to make it memorable with the thunder and lightning. And not nearly enough humidity to make me wilt or turn on the A/C.

And autumn is my favourite season. So long as it starts in late Sept or Oct. No change here, yet.

Rachel said...

I agree on every point you made. especially about time flying by too damn fast. At this right, I'll be 85 BEFORE you.

Guillaume said...

Funny, I wrote something similar on my blog about the melancholy one has in August (I was planning to write another entry about it in English). It's not Autumn yet but not quite Summer anymore. I didn't feel it so badly last year, as I got married and we didn't have a Summer to begin with, but this year I really find August depressing. The trees have indeed started to change colours and it isn't nice anymore (and I live in England, a country where seasonal changes aren't as important). I think this August feeling has something to do with childhood memories of end of holidays and beginning of school. I love Autumn, but I don't like when it starts.

Urban Animal said...

I was talking about it to my mom a few weeks ago, she was saying the same thing, time flies so fast as you get older. So it made me think... if it goes by so fast, why deny ourselves stuff? mmm something to ponder as I go home tonight and celebrate being word verification free at your site. I'm still keeping mine for the time being :)

geewits said...

I've decided to embrace the rapid passage of time. I keep saying "With the way time is passing, I'll be back at the beach in what seems like a few months!" I also always look forward to October. It's when you can finally spend whole days in a row not soaked in sweat. And the State Fair is in town. If only I could just sleep from October until June!

Big Brother said...

"Those last couple of weeks before the kids start school." I know...sniff, sniff ;o(

If you really want to feel sad Lil sister, when I went to Costco last weekend, they had xmas stuff already out...

xup said...

(Vis a vis Geewits --- Do people from Texas actually get a vote in this Changing of the Seasons Melancholy?)

This summer has sucked, but autumn is a really nice season and as long as I don't have to start wearing boots and a parka any time soon, I'm okay. But ya -- it all goes by so fast.

Anonymous said...

Yep, yep, yep. The onset of fall makes me melancholy, too and I wish time could slow down just a bit.

somewhere joe said...

Jazz, I discovered a whole new wrinkle of metaphysical dread recently... You know how you'll anticipate an event, a party or a vacation or a deliviery, whatever, and it seems it'll never arrive. Then what seems like seconds later, it's here. And soon gone. It occurred to me that, given this wierd retro-compression of time, I'll be waking up on my death bed in a few seconds. "Oh... it's here." And the most vigorous determination to "enjoy every moment of life" changes nothing.

You're welcome. ,oP