Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I was gonna post...

... before and after pics, but um... yeah, I haven't gotten around to downloading them yet, slacker* that I am. I even made sure everything was neat and tidy before taking the pics. But c'mon, how interesting can pics of yellow and green rooms be? Unless you're living in them of course. And the colour is growing on you. Honestly, I'm liking it more and more, everything looks so light! But guess what???? Excitement and awe grip me in any case! Because!


We even have leaves sprouting in the trees. Leaves people!! Those green things that rustle in the wind? We're starting to get them!

It still hovers close to freezing in the mornings but makes it to the mid-sixties in the afternoon. Mid-freaking-sixties, it's positively balmy!

Don't think I can't hear y'all people in the south where this is mid-winter weather, sniggering. I can hear you giggling behind your monitors, but it doesn't bother me because for me this is major.

There was even a day there, while we were painting, of course**, where the temperature hit the 80s - but that was before the leaves. Leaves people!! Green living stuff that I can't kill off. Imagine that!

Every time spring shows up, it's like I've never seen it before.

Today I'm actually wearing a skirt. I haven't gone as far as some who are already in sandals and bare legs - it's not that warm - but I'm wearing a skirt nevertheless. It's a testament to how sick I am of winter that I'm actually wearing that modern female torture instrument, the pantyhose. Yes indeedy. It's a scary thought. But I am just so damn sick of wearing pants all the time that I have stooped this low. It's incredible what I'll endure to honour spring. Like I said, this is major!

Heh, I just realized, a couple of weeks ago I took pics at the cottage as proof that spring was coming. They're still stuck in photo limbo too. Is it too late to post them, spring being here now for real?

How do you people do it who are forever posting pics you take - seriously, it's beyond me.

* In the immortal words of Geewits.

**precluding us from actually seeing the weather in any other way but to glimpse sunshine and blue skies from the middle of the dining room. But all that is behind us now, and you know, in retrospect it wasn't all that bad. I muchly appreciated spending the time with Mr. Jazz. 'Course we would've spent the time together anyway, but this is by far the biggest "work" project we ever tackled together and we came through with flying colours (no pun intended, unless my subconscious mind is taking over again. I will venture however, that neither of us feels like starting a house painting business.


Hagelrat said...

Woot!! does this mean winter is over at last?

furiousBall said...

after my week in QC, i wasn't sure if it never did not snow up there...

wait, that's a lot of negatives in one sentence.

Jazz said...

Hagelrat - It sure as hell looks that way!

Furball - We're probably home free from now until November.

Rachel said...

Thats good news for me! If the green trees all around me werent proof enough, the fact that CANADA is sprouting means that spring has DEFINITELY arrived.

yay canada!

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's about time you guys got some spring.

VioletSky said...

Congratulations on the spring like weather finally arriving. I went out the other day in short sleeves and no jacket or sweater and felt almost nekkid.

C'mon, you know we're nosy, get downloading and uploading and let us have a look in.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Spring has finally poked its nose out in your part of the world. And you need to be grateful for your long, miserable winter, because now you appreciate Spring SO MUCH MORE (or, you know, you could still hate Winter anyway, I guess).

geewits said...

As for the pics question, when I get ready to post, I download all pics I haven't downloaded, run the ones I want for my post through Photoshop to crop and resize them and then I post. It probably takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

I'm so happy the land is coming to life there. I know you need that. But I still want to see the pics.


Jazz said...

Rachel - I'm glad we provide proof for you!

Citizen - Yeah really, I've been drooling over your spring pictures since February!!! Didn't you just say in a post of yours that May marks the transition from spring into summer??? I need to move to your neck of the woods.

Violetsky - Strange and lovely that naked feeling! And the pics'll be up tomorrow.

Pink - Yeah, I guess I can look at it that way, we appreciate spring so much more than the rest of you lightweights.

Geewits - You're better than me. I just resize my pics in Blogger. And yet I'm a slacker about it. I did discover yesterday while dicking around with the camera that I can load pics directly without downloading them into the computer. Who knew? Tomorrow it'll be up, it's in drafts now, but I still have to get the pics sorted. You're right, I'm a slacker.

Maddy said...

Good for you. I think if I worked with my husband it would probably be an event in the divorce courts!

I did wear a skirt briefly but that caused rain.......there again we are experiencing a 4 year drought.

Jeaux said...

I'll refrain from sniggering long enough to tink! your spring fever and the darling leaf buds of May. And your pantyhose. And your green and yellow digs. How will you tell the inside from the outside? Well, I guess it won't matter til November. And it's a long, long time from May til November...

Jazz said...

Maddy - Don't you dare ever come up here in a skirt!

Jeaux - Oh no, it's a terribly short time between May and November. So very very short.

Ian Lidster said...

Happy spring, and I can think of nobody that deserves it more.

Ricë said...

congratulations on Spring, sweetie.

(it's supposed to be 105 here tomorrow.)

Jazz said...

Ian - thank you. though i think probably most everyone here deserves it as much as I do.

Ricë - 105? That's it, I'm moving into your garage and I'll be your illegal alien maid.

lime said...

i do understand the glee over leaves, oh yes i do.