Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Saga Ends Here...

It ends, at least, until next time. The bathroom and toilet still have to be repainted (probably with leftovers...), as do the living room and bedroom. And the rads are still awaiting paint, the dining room fixture has to be changed but mostly, at this point it is done. Thank god. We won't start a house painting business anytime soon - am I losing my mind or have I already mentioned that? Yes, last post, eh? I blame the meno-brain.

Despite Geewits' obvious disbelief, I have in fact downloaded the paint pics to post. Ha! I say. I get around to things in my own sweet time. All right, it takes a helluva lot of sweet time, but it eventually gets done. The apartment? It has been in desperate need of paint for the past five years or so, but had I done it before, the furnace incident would not have been averted, and I still would have had to paint last week.

There is a lesson to be learned here people. Procrastination does have its uses. Yes indeed. I just had to do the job once. Which is much better for my stress levels. And my knees. And, incidentally, my sanity. Above all my sanity.

This was the hallway before:

See? Seven doorways: one you can barely see to the left (bedroom), then a second and a third you can only vaguely see as a darker shadow (both are entrances to the living room) just to the left of the one at the end (#4 - the room to the balcony). Then the one to the right towards the end where you can see the line of the door (the bathroom) , the middle one (toilet) and the one just there to the right with the window (entrance). That is seven. SEVEN!!! I did not lie. It's insane to have that many doors. OK, if they weren't there we'd have serious issues with getting into the rooms, but still, it's hell to paint out.

And yes, it was salmon and turquoise. And it actually looked quite good. Did I tell you we love colour? I might have mentioned our love of intense colour somewhere. There is nary a drop of beige paint in this place. We're incapable of living in beige or pastels. I wanted sophisticated and this is what I ended up choosing:

And the dining room. As I mentioned: intense colour - this one was salmon (lox?) and orange.

...which is explained by the fact that we had had the hallway painted at one point - and then just ran out of steam. Hence no turquoise. See XUP, we do know about painters. That black coffin in the corner by the way, might be ugly but serves a serious and vital purpose: it's the wine cellar.

And now... the colours match the hallway. The radiator behind the table has yet to be painted. We have really great looking rads, so I'm going to paint them out in a metallic - a bronze colour perhaps, or pewter.

And from the other side:

That white melamine 80s monstrosity? Is on its way out, thank you very much. Yes, yes, yesssss!!!

This lovely little piece of detail painting took forever! As I mentioned, character is highly overrated when you're painting... But I love my rosette, even more so now that it's been painted. All in all I'd rather paint it than get rid of it. And the fixture? Also going. It looked great once upon a time when the dining room was grey and red, but its time is passed Amen to that.

The kitchen before:

Those grey lines on the wall? Soot. The grey ceiling? Soot. The colour of the cupboards? Soot; actually they should be pure white...

Yeah, they should be pure white... *sigh*

Now however:

I haven't quite gotten around to washing the cupboard doors, but it looks a helluva lot better!

There's still stuff to do of course. Clean the cupboard doors, decide what will go back up on the walls, and something that gives me immense satisfaction these days, getting rid of accumulated clutter.

I used to move every six months or so, so clutter never became an issue. Now however, after 20+ years in the same apartment we definitely have an accumulation issue. But this too I will control, I will rule the clutter with an iron fist from now on.

Martha Stewart move the hell over.

Ok, you're right, that'll last probably three and a half minutes. But it will be three and a half clutter free minutes.


Big Brother said...

Really nice job lil' sister. Now that you are so good at it, all that practice, you can come paint my place. Since it is a more recent house, there will be less detail and doors per square metre. ;o)

lime said...

oooh, i like it! it looks great. and yes, i can believe painting that rosette was a pain, and the doors. but it's done and it looks terrific.

furiousBall said...

awesome, really nice choices

Jocelyn said...

#1: WOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU UPLOADED PICTURES. This was highly gratifying for me, like watching a "change your style" home renovation on cable. And I LOVE seeing where you and Mr. Jazz live.

The dining room and kitchen in particular are lovely now (I have to admit loving the intense hallway colors that had to go bye-bye). You guys are hot stuff.

Hagelrat said...

Gorgeous!!! I am moving in.

geewits said...

Nice! The old pink and red nearly made my eyeballs bleed. It was fun to see where Mr. Jazz makes his magic. You guys did a really good job and thanks for getting the pics out here. woot woot!

Tor Hershman said...

AMEN....hotep IV to that - see

xup said...

Gorgeous. I envy your bold use of colour. I once had a place I decided I would get bold with and it turned out to be a freak show. I now stick to bland colours and hang a lot of stuff on the walls instead. But you really seem to know what you’re doing. I really like the deep yellow in the kitchen. Will you come and do my place?

Jeaux said...

Epic. Your new colors are ever so more 21st century.

Jazz said...

BB - In your dreams dude

Lime - Yeah, I'm loving it. Especially I think since all the effort is mine.

Furball - thanks

Joce - I toldya I'd post 'em. It's just a question of getting my ass in gear.

Hagelrat - Into the dining room or the kitchen?

Geewits - I'm glad I didn't quite make your eyeballs bleed. That would've been sorta creepy actually.

Tor - Uh, yeah

XUP - there are painters for that. But I'll choose your colours if you like. So long as you keep it at two you can't much go wrong.

Jeaux - Thank you.

Joanie Hoffman said...

Nice job!
I'm tired from looking at all that painting.
Happy days,

Jazz said...

Joanie - Hell, my knees still hurt from all the crouching and kneeling. But damn, it was worth it!

pinklea said...

It all looks wonderful, especially the yellow in the kitchen. Good job, you two - and may your taste in colours never change again (because if it does, you'll be back painting, and I think you want to avoid that in the future).

VioletSky said...

I seem to get around to visiting in "my own sweet time". Love what you've done. Now, which is the guest room?

Diet Plan said...

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