Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Natural Instincts hair colour:

For women:  $10.49
For men       $9.49*

Nair hair remover:

For women: $9.57 *(200g)  
For men:      $6.89 (227g)

Gillette shaving gel:
For women: $4.17         
For men:      $3.97

Mennen Speed Stick and Lady Speed stick:
For women:  $4.47  (45g)
For men:       $4.47  (92g)

I didn't even compare shavers and shampoos and shower gels, but it's most probably safe to say men's versions are cheaper there too.

Once again, I ask:  Why?

What the fuck is wrong with this picture? Are women deemed too stupid to realize they're paying more for the same product? Well, I guess so since that's exactly what's going on.

Then why do we stand for it? Why don't we simply stop and buy men's products. Skin is skin is skin and ours is no more fragile or sensitive than theirs. Seriously, why should we be expected to pay up to and over a dollar more in some cases? I want to know.

Join the movement (well, start the movement actually). I've been using men's stuff for a long time. So what if the can is grey rather than pastel pink and green? If you can get the same thing cheaper in the men's aisle, do it!

Seriously, I'm annoyed.

*All prices regular at Jean Coutu pharmacy, which tends to be a little cheaper than Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart)



ticknart said...

I don't think that women are stupid, but it's obvious that they aren't paying attention to the prices and weight of their products.

Plus, that lavender color on the deodorant goes so much better with the locker bag. Don't you think?

Voyager said...

Jazz,I agree whole heartedly with your rant (don't get me started on the price of clothing alterations.) But your post made me chuckle, reminding me of the time last year when my beloved husband was sent by his job to work for two months in Montreal. He only knew one word of French, and it is not a polite one. Once on a visit to him, I needed something from the drug store. "Don't worry" he said, "there's a pharma-pricks right around the corner."

secret agent woman said...

I read an article about this - it's purely economic because women are willing to pay more. I do use a man's razor BUT many men's versions of products have after-shavey smells that I don't really want to wear.

Anonymous said...

... and then we could go on to discuss why haircuts cost less for men or why tailoring costs less for men.

PJ said...

I'll go out on a limb and guess (argue) that part of the increased price is to recoup the extra marketing costs (women's product are more advertised than men's). The rest is simple supply/demand and greed...

Shrinky said...

Ask hubby, I use all his stuff, including his razor! I draw the line at his aftershave, but only 'cos it's at least ten years past it's sell by date, and stinks like cat piss.

choochoo said...

YEAH! I wonder if there are special rules for trannies...

geewits said...

I didn't realize that there was shaving cream just for women. I just use the Barbasol. I'll have to check this out next time I shop. And I'm not sure if my deodorant is a girl one or not. It doesn't say "Lady" or anything on it. I'll ask my husband if the packaging looks girly to him.

Jazz said...

Tick - yeah, I guess the lavender does match better.

Voyager - Pharma pricksis a joke around here too. But more to the point, you were in Montreal and you didn't let me know?!?!?!?!

SAW - I use men's products. I actually find it's much easier to find perfume free men's products than women's.

Pink - indeed

PJ - that could be, but the price difference seems rather high

Shrinky - maybe you should just throw it away and get something you can live with

Chooch - of course you would wonder about that

Geewits - Your sweetie would know.

Gaelyn said...

Why use these stinky products anyway?

Anonymous said...

I pay $18 to get my hair cut by a female in a salon. Wendy pays waaaaaaaay more than that for exactly the same process. And, Voyagers comment about clothing alterations, even I, a crass male, don't get that one.

tattytiara said...

Not stupid, but definitely fussier (generally speaking). It really is twisted how they love to jack the price for everything marketed to women, as if we were the ones with all the money!

Jocelyn said...

Do me this favor, then (in addition to making me feel good about myself in Word Twist):

Buy the men's products, use them, and report back. Are there any discernible differences?

Your blog can become a reporter's notebook!

Anonymous said...

YEs! The haircuts! The friggin' haircuts. How does a salon proudly advertise: Men's Cuts - $10. Women's cuts - $40.

lime said...

ditto for clothes and shoes and dry cleaning. then consider our comparatively smaller earning power..hhmm...

e said...

Where we're really screwed is on the "Feminine Hygeine Products."

Anonymous said...

I'm with the men's stuff too... mostly it smella better aswell. Bargain all round :0)

Maddy said...

So true, so true. I've been using 'male' deodorant, razors and gels for many a long year, quite often they have a more pleasant pong than the nauseating female versions too.

Also handy for when I run out and I can pinch hubbies, since we use the same products and I buy them, he's none the wiser.

Susan Tuttle said...

i agree with you -- it's been this way for way too long.

Fragrant Liar said...

Seriously, I don't buy any deodorant that isn't in pink packaging and doesn't make me smell like a whore. But I could be persuaded, since the price is right. Thanks for doing my comparison shopping for me!

Sic 'em!