Thursday, December 15, 2005

Paris, rodents and winter storms

Well, Mr. Jazz left for Paris yesterday for a week to see friends.

I have decided that he will NEVER leave again just before Christmas. Tomorrow they're predicting 15 to 25 cm of snow. That's all well and nice you'll say, white Christmas and all, but we park in the street. The snow plow dumps the snow on the cars in the street. I have to dig said car out of said snow and then play the finding-a-usable-parking-spot game if ever I dare need the car before the street is cleaned out.**

And I will need the car. Because I MUST go to the cottage because the last time Mr. Jazz went, there was a squirrel in the house. And he set a trap. And the squirrel is no doubt now dead in that trap. And getting riper by the day. Thank god it's cold but still - have you ever tasted the smell of putrefying flesh? Yeah, the smell is so bad you can actually taste it. I so don't want to think about it. If I'm really lucky the stupid rodent will have good karma and will have left the house and still be living it's stupid little rodent life.

If I'm not lucky I'll be emptying traps of putrefying rodents while the boy is partying in Europe.

Who me, bitter?

** For the record, the same thing happened last year when he went to Europe before Christmas. Day after he left, 20 cm of snow. It's a curse.

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