Thursday, December 22, 2005

What do YOU do with Listerine

A bit of background. Taschen has a series of books called “All American Ads”. Each volume spans a decade - from the 1900s to the newest out, the 80s.

A couple of weekends ago, I was looking at the book from the 20s (wonderful rainy/snowy day reading by the way…).

In it, an ad for Listerine, circa 1929. A sob story about some guy who everyone hates and reviles because he has bad breath...oops, halitosis. He is alone, he lives a life of isolation and solitude. His life is hell and he has no idea why. He is a pariah and will eternally remain so. *insert moody violin music here* (My touch, since obviously there was no moody violin music in the book) Beware! It could happen to you…

At the very end of the ad, you have the following text:

“Full strength Listerine is so safe it may be used in any body cavity, yet so powerful it kills even the stubborn Bacillus Typhosus (typhoid) and Staphylococcus Aureus (pus) germs in 15 seconds. We could not make this statement unless we were prepared to prove it to the entire satisfaction of the medical profession and the U.S. Government” (my emphasis)

Now, the question begs an answer: WHAT body cavities?

Listerine as a sinus spray?
Listerine douche?
Listerine enema?

Am I alone in wondering exactly what it was people were doing with mouthwash back then?


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Listerine anus spray