Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sex and the Supreme Court of Canada

At noon I'm off to pick up the boy at the airport. And he better have brought me back something nice (besides himself) from Paris.

Reasons I'm happy he's back:
  1. He'll cook for me. REAL FOOD!
  2. SEX
  3. His bead-warming capabilities (no more need for flannel jammies and socks - and last night, a sweatshirt)
  4. SEX
  5. He's behind in making me laugh (it has been his obligation in the past 18 years to make me laugh every day)
  6. Watching back to back episodes of the Trailer Park Boys on DVD (I couldn't do it while he was gone, it's much less fun alone)
  7. Oh, did I mention sex?


Oh, and speaking of sex (how flawless was that segue, huh?), the Supreme Court has ruled that swinger clubs are not flouting the obsenity laws. (Obviously the swinger clubs in question are here in Quebec. Such debauchery in this province.) The Court basically said that what is going on is happening behind closed doors and no money was changing hands, so there is no problem.

My question is why did this ever make it to the supreme court? I mean, it's not like these people are exposing themselves in the street. Or forcing anyone to join in. So why on earth would people have a problem with it? Me, it doesn't float my boat, but hey, we're not talking pedophiles or prostitution or anything like that. Consenting adults behind closed doors, so who the the hell cares, and more to the point, why WOULD you care?

That's the part I always have trouble understanding: Why on earth would people care what others are doing that doesn't involve them? Is there a touch of envy involved? A sort of, if I can't do it nor will you sentiment?

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Anonymous said...

You get sex for Christmas?!!! Score! ~bluepoppy