Monday, December 19, 2005

Rodents and Karma

Well, this is one lucky ass rodent. A rodent with great karma. He must have done numerous good rodent works in another life.

When I finally got into the cottage Saturday, after spending an hour or more digging the stairs out of 25 cm of snow (which is not THAT bad I suppose, considering that 41 cm fell on Montreal proper), I found the trap where Mr. Jazzz had placed it. Well, actually, it had sprung so it was upside down. When I turned it around nary a squirrel to be seen, despite the fact that the peanut butter had been licked off the trap. On closer inspection there was a teeny tiny bit of squirrel hair and two whiskers in the trap. I mean seriously. How lucky is that animal? His whisker got caught? Basically he got two hairs pulled out of his mustache ?!?

To get back at me however (I'm sure it was done in the spirit of revenge), he shit (shat?) all over the kitchen and bathrroom counters, the stove and table and basically any surface that would require serious cleaning before it could be used again. Who knew that squirrels have that many little shit pellets in them? The quantities were astronomical, simply astounding! Rather than scrub everything down when he still might be in the house (though if he's a really intelligent little rodent, he's gone to hibernate outside), I just turned around in disgust and left.

Of course, you realize, this means war. I just can't help wondering if he realizes it. Or if he's just as happy as a clam shitting on this wonderful kitchen toilet he found. Are clams happy? How does one know? Yes, I digress. *sigh*

So more traps were laid, three this time. I figure maybe statistically this way I have a better chance at getting him. But really, his managing to get away the last time against all odds just makes we want to root for him... He's a cute little bugger all things considered.

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