Friday, December 23, 2005

Mr. Jazz is BACK!

Well, the boy is back. I forgot a couple of reasons I was thrilled he was coming home yesterday:

  • I get to sniff him. He just smells SOOOOOOO damn good. That odour just makes me melt (first night he was gone I actually slept with a t-shirt of his)
  • Back scratching. He is an amazing back scratcher. Having your back scratched by Mr. Jazz is pure bliss.

Things I might miss for a bit now that he's back:

  • Being able to stretch out all over the bed - of course this is offset by the fact that he keeps said bed warm and I can cuddle up to him.
  • Sleep. The alarm clock goes off at 5:00 (and being jet lagged today, he got up at 5:00 anyway). Even if I stay in bed a hour or so longer, I rarely get back into "real" sleep mode.

Hmmmm am I sleep deprived when the boy is around?


Well, as entries go, this one is, to say the least, rather uninspired. Dull. Boring. Bleh. Actually, it's a grey day in Montreal, which fits my mood. I felt fine this morning but I've crashed since then. So I'll shut up now and leave you with:

Happy Holidays,
may 2006 bring you much of what you want most.

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Anonymous said...

oh YAY!!!!! SO happy for you-- have the most wonderful (and snuggly) holiday!!! See you in the new year-- ~bluepoppy