Thursday, March 23, 2006


I feel the urge to write, but have nothing to say, so what the fuck am I doing here?

The book I was going to alter and was so enthusiastic about? Not so much anymore. I gessoed a few pages, and then it just petered out. Whatever possessed me to think I could do that? Inspiration is gone. None left. Nada. Though I have to say I love the matte look of black gesso. You could drown in it. Le sigh.

Not in a good place this week. Job sucks, weather sucks, sick of it all, the routine, the day to day grind of just getting things done. Le sigh deuxième.

In an effort to see the bright side, name five good things that happened this week:

1. My neighbor gave me a plant now that I no longer have cats who systematically eat them (one actually tried to eat a cactus I brought home once). It's a spider plant. Apparently something I can't kill unless I try really really hard. And maybe not even then.

2. It's sunny today.

3. Mr. Jazz and I are going to dinner tonight before heading over to a friend's place (which is a mixed blessing because I so envy his life. He's a musician, so 9 to 5 is so not on his radar).

4. I'm feeling ok today, since the IBS has calmed down.

Ok, well, how about we keep it at 4? Ah well, nope...

5. I just recieved an email from Mr. Jazz. :-)

I want spring. I want sunshine. I want heat.


Big Brother said...

Ah the cusp between winter and spring, when it snows in the morning and is beautiful in the afternoon. Where all the accumulated gabage of winter is finally released by the white.. oh well gray blanket that has hidden it for so long. Cheer up little sister it'll soon be summer and you'll have all the heat you can stand. It will probably be like last summer, with weeks of 40 degree humid, sticky heat, and you'll think back fondly on this cool spring weather. :o)
PS It is possible to kill a spider plant, I've done it. I'm about the only person who can actually kill plastic plants. ;o)

Sharma said...

Hi Jazz - I hope you feel better soon, and at least you have spring to look forward to - all I have is the prospect of a long cold dreary depressing winter! Cheer up!