Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gym and International Women's Day

Dear Gym Managment:

Enough already with the music in the locker rooms. I know it's supposed to relax us, but please! The little birds tweeting with new age piano music in the foreground, the babbling brook with the violins, the crashing waves with the guitar. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE! We don't need that sort of crap at 6:30 in the morning, we need something to wake us UP! Give me the the nature sounds alone and I'll be perfectly happy, otherwise, how about something peppy in the morning?



But, for the third time this week, I had an awesome work out this morning. I usually have lots of trouble getting to that point so early in the day (the Jazzer is so not a morning person), but for some reason it's going great this week. Je pète le feu*, as we say in Quebec. I have so much energy I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

So it's International Women's Day today. Yippi. Is there a point really? I can't help but think we don't really need it here (ducks head in anticipation of rock throwing**) and it sure as hell isn't stopping little girls from being sexually mutilated in Africa; or women in Pakistan and India from having acid thrown in their faces if they don't live up to the in-laws expectations; or women all over the developing world from being faceless and basically non-existant although they do 90% of the work.

International Women's Day. Yippi! (insert heavy sarcasm here)

But still, je pète le feu!

* And yes, your automatic translator is right. It means I'm farting fire. Sounds so much better in French doesn't it?

** By the way I consider myself a feminist


Sharma said...

Hey! Well done on getting to the gym....I agree with you on the Womens Day thing...I have a friend who has laid a rape charge against the our former Deputy President...she is being treated like She is the criminal throughout the trial...I makes me SICK... were right, you were right and HOW glad am I that you were! I passed all 3 SUBJECTS!! Shocked and amazed!

yellowandorange said...

Good job with the gym :) Can you inspire me now?

Just stopping by ala Toast's blog :)

Toni (kamper)

Big Brother said...

Heh Sis, do you think that "Je pète le feu" comes from that old favorite of adolescent boys... methane and a lighter? ;o) I'm all for Woman's Day. I think it's great... we should all celebrate the contributions women make. Oh by the way there are still some dirty dishes in the sink...;oP LOL
It's a JOKE ok... really... really, honest. Please don't hurt me...