Friday, March 10, 2006

Grey Friday

It's a grey day in Montreal today. But who cares, because for pretty much the first time it actually smells like spring! You know, that change in the air that doesn't necessarily mean it's over (Jazz is willing to bet winter will give us at minimum one last hurrah before leaving), but that somehow, someday it will eventually stop and the green will be back. It's light now in the morning when we leave, and for the first time in months, this week when I left the subway on my way home it was light out too! Hope springs eternal...

I received an email newsletter this morning from the hotel we stayed at when we went to Australia last year (in Port Douglas). Telling me how great things were, that they now had a gym (yeah, right, I'm a km from the ocean and I'm going to be in a gym? I don't think so) and that they would love to see us again. Damn how I wish... But not in the gym. Nope. Uh-uh, ain't gonna happen.

In other news...I've been wandering around checking out websites. Altered book and collage artists (often one and the same). There is some beautiful stuff out there by very talented people.

Although it's inspiring stuff, it's also pretty discouraging, ya know? Me, do stuff like that? As if. Look at some of these links from Collagecat ! But this time I'm going to try anyway. It's not like I have to show it to anyone else if it sucks, or even if it doesn't. It's an experiment! Nothing more. An experiment. Keep that in your head Jazz. Who cares if it sucks, so long as you have fun doing it.

Edit: This morning I happened across a blog with the same format as mine. But it wasn't written in italics. Why is mine? I thought maybe my font, but nope, it's been changed and I have the same problem. I've checked the italics, but they're not on. I've even gone through the template, but I can't figure out the problem. Oh, and big bro? You who say my technical savvy is neolithic at best, you notice that I managed to install links (long ago) and a counter. It's just italics I'm useless with.


Big Brother said...

Oh my god, my world view has been seriously shaken... ;oP LOL
Today Saturday, is really spring. Hey I went walking with only a long sleaved shirt. Remember though, there is the St. Patricks storn a coming...

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm gonna go check out that collage site right now.