Friday, March 24, 2006

Creepy and old

Walking back to work from lunch today, I went by a hair salon with a sign in the window for "Extraordinary Lengths" 100% human hair extensions. Obviously, the poster included before and after pics. Is it just me or is it sorta creepy to staple/glue/braid - or whatever the hell they do - other people's hair to your head? Whose hair? Why is this person's hair actually accessible to you? Seriously, think about it......

From the "you know you're getting old" file:

- You know you're getting old when you go to this really good hamburger place (Frite Alors) and lots of students are there because you're next to one of the Universities and they're all drinking beer and you look at them and the thought flashes through your mind: Are they old enough to drink? And you realize you're old enough to be their mom (and you thank whatever powers that be that you aren't ANYONE's mom)

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Big Brother said...

You want feeling your age... just try working with people that are the age of your kids.
Even worse is that when you are a teacher and have always taught at the same place, sooner or later you get the children of the children you taught... :o(