Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Geez, I'm on a roll today...

And I'll probably not write again for the next 6 months and I dunno why I didn't post about this earlier, but....

She’s here!

The friend I wrote about earlier arrived on the last day of February. She and the love of her life came to dinner on Saturday with their new dog, who just happens to be the most adorable bitch (I’ve always wanted to say that about a dog) I have ever met. She’s white with a black head and butt. Absolutely the cutest thing on four legs…

OK, so you’ll be thinking that meeting the dog far outshone seeing her again. Well, the dog is a close second.

In the shower at the gym this morning, I was thinking of how I’d call her in here, because obviously she will be popping up now and again and I won’t be using real names – protecting privacy and all that. I figured famous lovers might be in order, so…

My first thought was for Tristan and Isolde. But their story is just too tragic; she ended up in a nunnery and he ended up castrated. I wouldn’t want to tempt fate, ya know. The nunnery might do, but the castration bit… not so much.

Of course you have the obvious Romeo and Juliet. This one is not so much tragedy as adolescent histrionics. She’s supposed to marry someone, when actually she’s already married to R so takes a potion to appear dead in order to get out of the marriage (um., how about just say I’m already married? Bigamy wasn’t an option back then either). He hears she’s dead and runs to her family’s crypt (how the hell did he get in? Did they leave crypt doors open back then?) He sees her “dead”, poisons himself over her. She wakes up (what, three minutes too late?) and kills herself because he’s dead. I mean, c’mon people, we’re supposed to believe that? Again, it just doesn’t work for me.

Batman and Robin… Even as a kid I could tell these guys were very strange, though of course they weren’t "like that". I wouldn't even have known what "like that" was to tell the truth. Robin runs around in tights, a red tunic and a yellow cape, for chrissake. Just the colour scheme… ewwww, it always offended my sensibilities. As for Batman – jeez, superheros just weren’t that buff when I was a kid, obviously. But of course, this has nothing to do with them, I was just into famous couples here....

Now, there's always Antony and Cleopatra. But then she stuck her hand in a basket of poisonous snakes. Another relationship with issues.

Bonnie and Clyde? Speaking of issues, both dead riddled with bullets….

Harold and Maud? Despite their age difference, the Harold and Maud age difference is just TOO big, plus it’s backwards.

How about S&M? (I know what you’re thinking, you nasty minded bunch of perverts but it stands for Seattle and Montreal.)

OK, well, that was quite a digression, so back to S&M, but mostly S.

So, S&M (oh yeah, I quite like that) came to dinner Saturday at the cottage. It was good. Much good food, much good wine, many good laughs.

I admire S’s chutzpah. To actually go through with it and do what she did. To leave family, friends, job, and come to a place where French is the dominant language and the culture is so different. To be completely dependent on M because she won’t be allowed to work for several months… That takes guts. And lots of them. She’s not just changing cities here. She crossed the whole fucking continent. I imagine she's feeling a little unsteady. Hell, I'd be running around tearing my hair out. I just hope the transition goes well.

I know you’ll eventually read this S, so really, girl, you rock! I wish I had half the guts you do.


pjb said...

Sounds like she'll do much better than me when I uprooted and moved to Montreal after marrying my husband. I cried for a year (at least). But that's just me. : )

And she's only got the tale-end of winter to contend with. Good timing!

Hageltoast said...

I think I am one of those nasty minded individuals. ;)
Hope S Settles ok.