Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wherein Jazz shows her venerable age.

Two expressions I hear a lot these days drive me up the freaking wall. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm getting old and intolerant, but every time I hear My Bad - and I'm hearing it everywhere these days - I want to slap the person silly. What the hell is it supposed to mean? Ok, I know what it means, but where the hell does it come from and more to the point why? Syntactically it means nothing at all. Grammatically - well, lets not even go there. It just drives me insane every time I hear it. Hello, my name is Jazz and I am a grammar whore.

Then there's "Bite Me". That one is older, but what the hell is up with bite me? Kiss my ass I can understand but bite me? Every time I hear that one, I feel like biting the person's ear off or something. It makes no sense people! None at all!! Really, find something else.

This morning at the gym they played Floyd's Comfortably Numb. A cover. A dance cover for chrissake! Sorta defeats the purpose dontcha think? How can they do that to Pink Floyd, and how can Floyd actually accept such a total and utter massacre of their song? I guess the money was good or something. (Tsk Tsk Jazz, such cynicism.)

Also at the gym this morning, while I was ellipticating* my way to nowhere, I couldn't help wonder what I was doing there. Have I ellipticated, climbed, biked, rowed, and ran my way to China yet? Why do I get up at 5:45 to go to the gym? To stave off old age? sickness? I know plenty of people who lived to a ripe old age and were never ever in shape, and others who were die hard health nuts who died at 40 of cancer or a heart attack. Wouldn't I just be better off sleeping those extra 40 minutes and taking the bus into work with all the other drones? Just so many ants doing what we are programmed to do, work work work until we drop dead of the previously mentioned heart attack or cancer. What is the point? *sigh*

Listen to me, I sound like a nihilistic 16 year old. My period is late. At the rate I'm going I think it won't be late for much longer. LOL

* Action of using an elliptical trainer. As far as I know it was coined by Lauren on a forum I once frequented.


Hageltoast said...

Bite Me is a Buffyism that has become popular slang over here too. I am guilty, it's short and to the point(ed tooth). I like it, but then i am a total buffnut so there really is no hope for me.
Don't know where my bad came from, don't use that one really.

Jazz said...

Showing my age once more: I have never ever watched that show....