Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OK, not funny

Big Brother just gave me a heads up that my comments were off. I've tried everything to get them back, but it's just not working. If I can't get this sorted out Big Bro, you might just have to do it for me.

And here I thought I had been abandoned in cyberspace, while all the time my comments aren't working.


Edit: oops... apparently I had to make a new post for comments to appear, they'll not appear in the old ones. Why didn't I think of that? *hangs head in shame at cyber stupidity*

Re-edit: OK, slap me with a dead salmon. Hit me over the head with baseball bat. Of course you can comment in old posts, the pencil is there. What, did I think comments would appear by miracle. Jazz is a total spazz - well, at least it rhymes.

Re-re-edit: Obviously dead salmon and baseball bats aren't enough for me. I just now realized, after all this time, that the little pencil icon is there so I can edit a post. How about slapping me with dead whales and hitting me over the head with huge boulders? Just put me out of my misery already. Oy!

Re-re-re-edit: That pencil icon is really quite cool! Woot!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this morning's Jazz moments were brought to you by the number 6 and the letter X.


Jazz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big Brother said...

Finally... told you anything later than neolithic technology... Congradulations and you did it all by yourself. I hope you are proud. ;op

Jazz said...

Ah, shaddap bro!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey

your comments work and you are SO cute!!!!!! thank you for all YOUR comments you funny thang!

Smooch, bluepoppy

Hageltoast said...

ah ha, an di thought it was a cunning plan to shut me up. ;)