Thursday, August 31, 2006

Delayed post

Stupid incident of the day : Climbing on the bus this morning I lost my sandal. Under the bus. Had to get off and some kid (laughing like a maniac) fished it out from under the bus and gave it back to me. (Well, in his defense, how often do you see someone’s shoe fly under a bus at 7:00 a.m.?) I knew it would be a long day when he grinned at me and said, “Here you go Ma’am” Ma’am?? Intellectually I know I could be his mom, but Jesus Murphy that made me feel old! Too old to keep my shoes on obviously.

Wait, this couldn’t have been today, must have been yesterday. Today I was already pounding on my keyboard like a maniac at 7:30. Not for any fun reason, nope. Work, work work work work. I’m drowning in the stuff. It’s miserable. Bleh.

It seems, Mr. Jazz and I were the only perople on Earth who had never watched 24. That little problem has been taken care of since a friend loaned us the show on DVD. At first I thought it was the greatest thing I’d seen in a long time. Now, with 5 shoes oops, shows left in the season, I’m finding it just a bit too over the top.

The daughter gets kidnapped, the guy helping mom find her is actually a bad guy who kidnaps her too… ok, stretching credibility here, but meh, it’s a show. And they need it to keep the guy in line (you’re not gonna do anything stupid if the bad guy has your wife and kid).

But once they’re found, off we go again. First they come after them again, then the mom becomes amnesic when she sees her car blow up and thinks her daughter is in it, but she isn’t because she jumped free just on time but knocked herself over the head and wakes up after mom’s gone and…It’s beginning to get ridiculous. Or are they basically making a spoof of these types of shows? Dunno. I guess I’ll have to watch the rest of the season. But I gotta admit, it’s highly entertaining.

I wasn’t able to post the above last Friday, Blogger wouldn’t let me. And this week has been so hectic that I simply haven’t had time to do it.

Update on 24. Way over the top. But I'm hooked. I can't wait to start season 2. Note to self, bring it to the cottage for the long weekend. I can't help but wonder if it's a continuation of the first season, next day-ish, ya know? If so, that'll be really stretching credibility - I mean how long can you last without sleeping at all before becoming completely useless? Unless we get to watch Jack Bauer sleep for half the season... Or unless Jack is actually some sort of 'droid who doesn't need to sleep at all. The anticipation is killing me! Well, ok, not really. But verdict on the show? Highly entertaining for now.

Early in the week, two 14 year olds were found in a field, dead. Suicide pact. How can things be so bad you’d get to that point? Granted, adolescence sucks, but still.

Of course the media are all over it. The big thing this week is what’s wrong with our children? Who’s to blame? What to do? All of a sudden, every columnist is an expert, there are interviews galore, debates, etc.

What about next week? Who will care then, when some star farts in public? Nobody much.

Oh, and what happened to Lebanon? I know there's a cease fire, but um... mais encore? I guess since there's no blood and gore right now, it's simply not interesting enough for prime time news...

Ok, go ahead, call me a cynic.


Anonymous said...

Promise me you will check out Just For Laughs in 2007. Promise yourself. ;D


choochoo said...

don't worry about your shoes. Worry about the day when you start wandering around with you adult diaper neatly draped over your walker...

Big Brother said...

See kids aren't all bad little sister. He was gallant enough to go fish a sandal under a bus for some "relatively old" lady. (No ulterior motive there since you could have been his what if he found it hilarious, I would have also). Could have been dangerous... if the bus had taken off you could have had blood all over that nice sandal. ;o)

Hageltoast said...

you're a cynic, but you're probably right.
Never watched 24, got enough trash TV addictions at the mo.