Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random thoughts

Until the 60s, school was taught by Catholic nuns in Quebec. These nuns had missions in underdeveloped countries to convert the savages to the one true religion. *sigh*

To finance these missions, Quebec children were encouraged to bring a nickel to school to “acheter un p’tit chinois” (buy a Chinese kid). It was understood of course, that buying Chinese kids was a huge step towards saving their soul. What good catholic kid wouldn’t want to help save soul? They even gave you a card with a picture of your Chinese child on it (chinese children trading cards?). The Catholic Church is truly fucked. I have no idea if this went on anywhere else, or if it was the brainchild of some Quebec ecclesiast. I’m sure the intention was good (or was it?) but the whole idea just freaks me right the hell out.

What freaks me out even more is why I even thought of that: I saw a guy this morning walking the dogs with his adopted Chinese daugter. I see them every day, but today, BAM (apologies to Emeril for using his expression without his consent).

The Jazzer got her hair chopped yesterday. Nothing like a great haircut to boost a girl’s ego. I walked out of there with a smile on my face and an extra spring to my step. I was freakin’ hot! Damn I love Jason, he’s totally brilliant!

ChooChoo sent me this nugget of insect trivia this morning: "The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male’s head off." Which only goes to prove that some males have it worse than humans.

Course, she also sent me this: “Pigs' orgasms last a half hour”. Obviously some males have it BETTER than humans.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i worry about you tweo being left unsupervised. That is a nice example of why! ;)

Vass said...

Female praying mantids copulate with headed males, but WILL enthusiastically decapitate the ones that do not hold themselves perfectly symmetrical. It is nature's way of ridding the species of individuals that may be deformed and therefore prevent them from spreading their less than wonderful DNA. ;)

Jazz said...

Ah, so ChooChoo lied. Amazing how much information is just plain wrong on the net.

However, since the wrong version makes for a much more interesting entry, it will stand.

Poetic license and all that... ;-)