Thursday, August 03, 2006

Drumroll please

Damn this weather. It's hot and muggy and it rains all the time. I can deal with hot an muggy, no problem, but the whole non-stop freaking rain in Montreal these days just drains me. It's like the sky is pressing down on my head all the time. Depressing as all get out.

As for the ATCs I wasn't being coy when I said I'd post them - or not. I had to scan and upload them to Photobucket - which is done now. Also, lets face it, I had to do them because I had promised, but, well, I really don't think they're any good. But that's just me and my insecurities, because they're obviously no worse than some things I've seen on the internet. And I've seen some pretty horrendous stuff! LOL Of course I've seen some absolutely divine stuff also, and the fact that they're nowhere near as good, well honestly, it doesn't make me feel depressed or blah, it just pisses me off. Go figure. But then, in this weather, everything pisses me off, from asthma to ATCs - and people I haven't even begun to tell you about the rest of the alphabet... Hey, there's a meme idea: List things that piss you off from A to Z. Anyone game?

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm also sort of embarrassed that the JazzSis will see them because she's such an awesome artist to me. And I know she's shaking her head reading this and saying, Geez Jazz, you're so stupid sometimes. Yep JazzSis, at 45 I stil am.

I did a series of six ATCs based on expressions involving animals: When pigs fly, Drink like a fish, Raining cats and dogs, Straight from the horse's mouth, Sing like a bird, and Happy as a clam (now there's a bizarre expression. Where does that one come from d'you think? Are clams happy? Do they have the intellectual capacity to do anything but... um... sit there and be clams? But I digress yet again) Actually I did that last one because Happy as a pig in shit seemed a tad, um, vulgar to illustrate, dontcha know.

The Jazzer, being incapable of drawing a straight line if her life depended on it, is into collage as you can see. So anyway, here they are (drumroll please):

For Paula, regarding your comment on horses... who knows.... and here's another one for you:

The text isn't very clear, since I had to make it much smaller so it would fit.

Title: "Straight from the horse's mouth" and he's saying: "Freud said it best when he stated...."

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paula said...

Ooh, Jazz! You posted your ATCs! I like what you did with these, nice and simple, with colorful, decorative backgrounds that nicely enhance the collage pieces you've chosen to use. I didn't realize I hadn't been by your blog since last week (I had to concentrate on work more this week, darn it...Oh, and Sam the Dog, too) so today's the first time I've seen them. Anyway, a fun theme (animal expressions) to do visuals for! You know, I'm almost afraid to compliment you on your work because I'm thinking you'll just poo-poo my praise and encouragement since you're so hard on yourself concerning making art. I understand, though, as I feel that way much of the time myself. It took me a good while to get over that feeling in regards to my sketching. I know there are a lot more talented artists out there who can draw much better than me, but I'm getting a person joy out of seeing what I can create (at least, most of the time). I would wish the same for you.

Babbling...Sorry. Thanks for posting these!

PS: Especially like the special "horse's mouth" ATC! Uhm...Did Freud say that...? : )