Friday, August 11, 2006

More Random Thoughts

Alrighty. The almost but not quite terrorist attacks. I’ve been seeing it happening already : the “evil Muslims” paranoia.

Sorta like when the conflict in Lebanon started; then it was the “evil Jews” paranoia (at least here in Quebec. Quebecers, for the most part, were squarely on the side of Lebanon - not Hezbollah, mind you, Lebanon. I have no idea how it was elsewhere; to my shame I don't really keep up with the news. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt as they say... I just don't wanna know).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled not knowledgable in world affairs blather.

It seems obvious to me, but obviously it isn’t for lots of other people : Jew does not equal Israeli any more than Muslim equals terrorist.

Why is this so damn hard to understand?* Sure you have some muslims with terrorist ties here, but for chrissake, don’t dump everyone in the same basket! By the same token, the Jews here are far from all being war mongering fanatics.

People really need to get a grip and realize the difference. The fear of “difference” is still alive and well – get over it! People are people and most of them are the same as you and want the same thigs you do. Most immigrants, muslim or otherwise, are here to get away from crap in their own countries; they came here to have a crack at giving their children a better life away from war and terror. Live with it, deal with it and get over your pathetic racism.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Rant over.

The hair is still cut. However the hair which was the epitome of hot has slithered down to not so hot. The hot, it is cooling (and not in the “dude, that’s so cool”, high school jock sense of the word). On a scale of one to 10, it has slipped to just about a 6. I have no doubt that the downhill slide will continue. I have no talent for hair. None. *sigh* I need to find a way to bribe Jason into coming over every morning to do my hair. Cause the Jazzer doing it? Not so much…

Three perfectly ripe sweet juicy peaches are sitting on my desk. The smell is driving me crazy. Edit: OK, well, not anymore, because between the writing and the posting, I descended on those peaches like the barbarian hoards of Gengis Khan on Rome. The peaches are no more, may they rest in peace.

The two bamboo plants on my desk are thriving. Most of the time, bamboo pretty much just sits in its water and does not much of anything. Mine grows. And grows. And grows. Mine has decided to take over the known (and unknown) universe. It's sorta scary really that plants of mine have survived. I don't do live plants. I do littlle brown nubbins in a pot. Until now. And now, I feel sort of obliged to them because they live. So I water them and worry about them not getting enough water if I'm on vacation. Damn them for surviving me! I'm sure they've done it just to spite me.

Oh, and by the way, is makeup sex a possibility when one has had only a pseudo-fight (very mild door slamming)? Or does it have to be a rip-roaring no holds barred brawl to qualify? Just wonderin’...

* ChooChoo would say it’s because 95% of people are idiots.


choochoo said...

Well, 95% of ppl -are- idiots:)

Big Brother said...

To bad the world just can't live and let live... be they Christian, Muslim or Jew. What is it in "Western" religions that spawns such fanaticism? (I've never heard of a Buddhist terrorist and god knows that after the take over of Tibet they had reason to.) From what I read the terroists are all or almost all British born. Have their houses been bombed or rocketed, their people incarcerated? Makes you wonder about people who believe in religion, any religion. I'm glad to be an atheist, if that is what religion produces.
By the way Genghis Khan never came to Rome, he invaded most of Asia, and parts of Russia. The one you are thinking of is Attila the Hun.

Hageltoast said...

choo choo would be right!

BB- I love the idea of buddhist terrorists "you will love and respecvt everything or or i'll hug you till you do". :)

Jazz said...

I stand corrected. I descended on the peaches like the barbarian hoards of Attila the Hun on Rome.

I KNEW that GK didn't sound quite barbaric enough....