Friday, August 04, 2006

In which all is revealed

One of my bestest friends was over for dinner last night. Sly was explaining how she'd read somewhere that the main difference between plants and animals (i.e. humans) is that animals are chock full of iron and plants are full of magnesium.

Suddenly it all became clear. All those idiots? They're mutants. They have way to much magnesium and far too little iron.


choochoo said...

I know stupid people, and they do seem a bit plant-like at times:D

Sharma said...

haha...I love your collages as well - nice job. I was wondering if you knew what had happened at the SARK website? I went in and tried to access the chatroom but it seems closed?

Big Brother said...

Oh that explains it. Some people I know have so much magnisium that they have to be watered two times a week. ;o)