Monday, August 14, 2006

Moments of pure happiness

My moments of happiness this weekend:

- Peeling my four last peaches. Perfectly ripe, where the skin just comes right off, the juice trickles down your hands to your wrists and the smell is the most wonderful thing in the world – and then you eat them. Pure bliss – well, if you love peaches I suppose.

- Going to meet a friend’s new daughter, sitting there, cuddling her with the two year old scrunched up against me. The baby starting to fuss and her sister stroking her head – immediately the fussing stops. Damn I love children.

- Driving to a friend’s place for dinner Saturday night along the winding back road and the wonderful camomilley smell of pineapple weed flowing into the car.

- Reading with Mr. Jazz Sunday morning. I love watching him when he's absorbed in a book. Ok, I bascially love watching him any time....

- There are other moments but it would be, um, indiscreet to discuss them.

When I uploaded the pineapple weed pic to photobucket, I saw this - I think it was used on a forum to illustrate how horribly horribly wrong a speedo can be. I had to have it of course


Hageltoast said...

speedos are defiantely just for serious athletes, lean ones. Not fat hairy people. ick!

paula said...

I suspect he wears that humongous cross to divert attention away from the Speedo. Wonder what that thing weighs (the cross, I mean).

jeff said...

just fyi - pineapple weed smells like pineapple - the thing that smells "camomilley" is (suprise!) chamomile. Different genera.