Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Life in the 5th floor loo

Dear woman who uses the 5th floor loo,

I completely understand your need to sit on the toilet rather than hover and thus, lay down a layer of toilet paper so your butt doesn’t touch the toilet seat. I understand that, really I do. I sympathise.

But my sympathy runs short when you leave that layer of paper on the toilet. How hard would it be for you to push it in when you flush? Really, I need you to answer this question for me. How damn hard?

‘Cause me? I’m sick of having to push the TP in with my foot myself. No offence, but touching paper that has been snuggling up to your butt? Not so much, thanks.

Perhaps you have a problem, perhaps you are armless (but in that case, how do you lay down the paper?). But you know, since we have to share the loo, it would really be cool of you to SHOW. A. BIT. OF. COMMON. DECENCY!!!



1 comment:

choochoo said...

Hehe - you need to get yourself a litterbox near your desk, or something:)