Monday, March 05, 2007

I had a dream...

And it wasn't a Martin Luther King dream.

It was really quite bizarre. We were at the cottage, so was a Montreal radio shrink Doc Mailloux.

Except he had two legs - this guy is missing a leg - and had trimmed the ZZTop beard. I mean really, could this guy be anything but a shrink with a look like that?

And he kept hobbling after me wanting me to tell him all about my issues.

I kept telling him I had none. Or at any rate none that I wanted to talk to him about. There is no way that I'm going to tell a radio audience my problems and issues. He wouldn't believe it and kept pursuing me all over the house. If I had a drink: "Why are you hiding behind that martini?" If I ate "Why are you eating your emotions?" I wanted to slap him, but he would've said, "Why are you passing off your aggression on me?"

I woke up, shuddered, walked around a bit and when I came back to bed I promptly fell right back into my dream.

Creepy dream. Creepy character.

I hate when I wake up and then go back to sleep and the dream just continues. Happens several times a year.

But never when it's a dream I want to keep on dreaming. When I wake up from dreaming Ralph Fiennes is propositioning me, how come I can never get that dream back?


Ian Lidster said...

But, is Ralph propositioning you on a plane? I agree with you that the dreams I know I return to are never the ones I want to. I will get to a point when it is really, really 'interesting', will awaken, and poof, the consumation, as it were, never transpires.
Great shrink dream, though.


Malnurtured Snay said...

That's a scary fucking beard, ja.

choochoo said...

Ralph Fiennes propositions everyone, doesn't he? Just make sure you stand close to him sometimes. It'll happen *thumbs up*

Evil Spock said...

That guy scares me. Looks like a survivalist nut case. You know, the ones that call their homes compounds.

Voyager said...

You had the right idea in your dream. I wouldn't tell a guy that looks like that nuthin'.

Anonymous said...


V ;D

Voyager said...

Thanks for dropping in my way Jazz. And for the comments.
Ahhh, The Belle Provence. Worth living in the snow for. Growing up my favourite times were high school ski team trips to Mont St. Ann. With Bradore beer.

Jocelyn said...

I've had dreams like that, too, where they don't get shook even after a bathroom break. But, thank ya Jesus, it's never been a dream with that bearded dude. Scary wacky guy.

Dan said...

When I wake up from dreaming Ralph Fiennes is propositioning me, how come I can never get that dream back?

Maybe Ralph Fiennes was playing Doc Mailloux? Did you ever think of that, huh? If not, maybe you're hiding something. Stop hiding something. :)

Tai said...

Ralph Fiennes. On a plane? (Well, just don't do it in the bathroom!)

As for that dream? I couldn't tell you.
I have dreams in which I'm a zombie, or I'm killing things or I'm watching my face rot off my skull.
I think I'd rather talk to that shrink, even if he WAS annoying. At least I'd still be alive by the end of the dream!