Thursday, March 08, 2007

Political observations of a total nobody

- André Boisclair (the PQ leader) along with one of his candidates has been derided for being gay. Said a radio host in Jonquière, "we don't want a faggot government." The other two leaders, of course, denounced the radio host's behaviour, though I'm sure behind the scenes they were dancing in glee. How, I ask, does the fact that Boisclair is gay impact on his ability to govern (or not)? He would still tax us outrageously, and be the consumate, hypocritical, teflon politician.

- He has also been called out - again, and how sick are we of hearing about it? - about those wild days when he was taking cocaine... Um, like the others haven't partied? How about all those who drink like fish? Speaking of which, do fish drink? Like do they just stop and swallow some of that water? But I digress, non?

- An AD (Action Démocratique) candidate is quoted as saying at one point on his internet radio show, "Enough with women's rights already. How about some rights for men?" Screams and gasps of horror from the other parties (and Mario Dumont, the party leader - him to the right there).

- A PQ candidate has denied the Rwandan genocide. More gasps of horror; poor Boisclair.

- Jean Charest (the Liberal leader) has had to issue statements correcting his candidates statements - as well as his own. Idjit

Oh, and for the record, I deserve kudos for not posting pics that make them look like complete idiots. 'Cause I'm nice like that. And they heap enough ridicule on themselves with no help from me.

None of the leaders are talking about their platforms, they're too busy pointing fingers at the other guy. 'Cause mudracking? Ever so much more fun. Ever so much easier.

This campaign sunk to new levels rather quickly. And these yahoos want my vote? I should give these people the permission to govern me for the next four years?

I'm guessing I'll just vote for the Marxist-Leninist. That way I'll be doing a good deed, he'll get three votes, himself, his mom (if he's lucky) and me.

Besides, in my riding you could present a stapler for the Libs and it would get the votes. Lots of fat rich people in my riding. Traditional Libs.

Cynical? Me? God, how depressing.

Let me trudge away now to contemplate the stupidity of modern society. But that's ok, I don't exist anyway!


choochoo said...

Last election, I voted for The Political Party. That's an actual thing. They're a bunch of comedians who formed a party. Every election they're a bit worried that they might actually win, since ppl keep voting for them in protest of the actual parties.

Jazz said...

Choochoo - We used to have that. It was called the Rhinoceros party. Unfortunately they died. I guess someone shot the Rhino for it's aphrodesiac horn. Which is why now I'm stuck with the marxists..

Foxtrot said...

Oh you poor thing... an election... ours will be later in October and we're going to go through same nonsense. Imagine... Bob Rae is now a Liberal, the very guy who put Ontario in a very precarious position... sigh... fun eh? at least the end is near for you :)

Jazz said...

Foxtrot - If the PQ gets in, we start the whole process over again with the damn referendum crap.

Foxtrot said...

Call me an eternal optimist but I doubt the PQ will be stupid enough to put a referendum out, not when the province is getting better economically. No way. But methinks that if they do, there will be little fight from the ROC.

Jocelyn said...

Your post highlights why I have voted so rarely in my life. In principle, I'm all for the democracy thing. But when I end up casting my vote *against* something rather than *for* someone, it feels very wrong.

Politicians are asswipes, one and all. Okay, I can think of two exceptions. But otherwise, asswipes.

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - My problem is that I do think, in a way, that it's important to make my voice heard, even if it's just to make the marxist happy or cancel my vote. I know nobody cares, but at least I've done the one tiny thing I can do. This time however, it's going to be hard to do. If'n it's cold, Jazz is stayin' home.

Dave said...

There are times when I wish I didn't vote and yet what would that do to our democratic way of life if all of us were like that. Yeh, I know... A politician... often synonymous to incompetent! Can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em.

Ian Lidster said...

Lifestyle, sex (or persuasion), ethnicity and all of those things are irrelevant in politics. What I want to see is a politician who isn't a self-seeking weasel. That would be refreshing. Good blog.


Steven Novak said...

"Enough with women's rights already. How about some rights for men?"

Hehehehehehe... ;)