Thursday, July 19, 2007

Job woes and abundant whining

How many different jobs can a person accomplish at once?

How much can they expect me to get done in the little time they allow me?

What exactly is the point to all this?

It seems like just so much wasted time when already half my life has fled and I have no idea where it went.

Usually I’m pretty placid. Usually, I’m ok with things as they are. After all, a job is for paying bills, if it doesn’t fill me with joy and contentment, well, whatever*, them’s the breaks. I don’t see very many people around me who are filled with joy at the idea of going to work. On the contrary. So basically, most of the time I feel lucky that the thought of going into work, although it doesn’t engender huge bursts of enthusiasm, song and dance, doesn’t give me the impression of going before a firing squad either.

But on some days - particularly today, starting at meh, about 11:30 - I just want to scream and tell them to leave me the fuck alone already. I want to shriek that what little is left of my life is worth more than this.

That this is not how I want to die.

Some days I’m afraid that I’ll never manage to retire and that this is what I have to look forward to until I whither away into a puff of dust under my desk.

Aw crap, this is bullshit. Do you want some cheese with that whine Jazz? Shut the fuck up and get back to work. It's prolly PMS.

* Which probably explains my lack of career mindedness. I want to be able to leave work at work and not live and breath the experience 24/7. If the bills are paid that's enough for me.


Jocelyn said...

I dunno. I'm going to keep gunning for you to find something a leeeeetle more happy-making for you. That's a lot of life to spend in a place of such misery. Or, at best, unmisery.

Cab driver?

Big Brother said...

Having a bad day are we? ;o( Buck up you could be working at MacDonald's. ;o)

Happily Anonymous said...

Would it bother you to know that I'm off work until next Tues?

Lhianon said...

work schmerk
takes up our chat time.

geewits said...

I hope you didn't read my post some time back about my Dad dying at his retirement party. I can see how that would make you paranoid.

(hee hee, my word verification is "askmoonq." How cute is that?)

Josie said...

Welcome to my world.

I'm thinking of pulling a Paul Gaugin...


Voyager said...

I actually love my job. Look forward to it most days. Yet 15 seconds after I win the big lottery there will be nothing in my office except the papers rustling in the wind of my running departure.

Dorky Dad said...

I feel your pain. There is such a great pressure to work long hours in this world, yet true happiness means spending LESS time at work.

CS said...

Sounds like a rotten day. Hope things look up as you hea dinto the weekend.

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - Most of time it's ok. Yesterday was just a bad day.

BB - *shudder* Suddenly I luuuuurrrveeee the job.

HA - I'm thinking I just might have to hate you.

Geewits - Thanks for reminding me!

Lhia - Work Schmerk indeed.

Josie - Take me with you. You can paint and I'll... well, no doubt I'll find something to do with myself.

DD - You'd think they'd have understood that by now, eh? I remember when I was a kid and they were talking about the "leisure society" where we'd work at most 20 hours a week. That seems to have gotten lostin the shuffle.

CS - It's raining, it's nasty out, but tons of people took today off so I can actually concentrate on getting some work done, rather than babysitting the lot of them.