Thursday, July 26, 2007

Look what I found....

The Great Escape, live from the album Brave. Marillion of course... my obsession being what it is and all. And there's plenty more where that came from. Y'all are so screwed. Mwahahahahahahaha

A bit of background here. Brave is a "concept album" the story of runaway - so in that context the song makes sense, though obviously it makes much more if you listen to the whole album and get her story. But anyway, have a listen...

The Great Escape

Heading for the great escape
Heading for the rave
Heading for the permanent holiday

Heading for the winter trip
Heading for the slide
Heading for the dignified walk away

Heading for the open road
Goodbye to all that
Heading for the automatic overload

Standing in the open boat
Standing in the swing
Waiting for the ringing and the bright light

Waiting to be recognised
Quiet applause will do
They shower you with flowers when they bury you

You're holding on, you're holding on ...

I . The last of you
Just when I thought I'd seen the last of you
You come here scratchin' at my door
Your pain and anger's in the howling dark
Of every corridor I walk

So tell me more about the love that you rejected
Tell me more about the trust you disrespected
I still don't know, why did you hurt the very one
Why did you hurt the very one
That you should have protected?

II. Falling from the Moon
Don't ask me why I'm doing this
You wouldn't understand
You're asking the wrong questions
You couldn't understand

A bridge is not a high place
The fifty-second floor
Icarus would know
A mountain isn't far to fall

When you've fallen
When you've fallen from the moon

There's murder on the street
I'm ashes on the water now, somewhere far away
I have fallen, fallen from the moon


Paul said...

Hrmm. Nice, but a bit too dark for me. Perhaps Paula would like it!! :)

Jazz said...

Paul - I promise I'll post some of their less dark stuff...

Jazz said...
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