Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finally understand

In a previous life I was surely and evil old thing. Maybe I used to chop people up into little pieces - which wouldn't be surprising since I often have that urge even today. Maybe my life's work was poisoning them. Or perhaps I was Torquemada or some other nasty rightous prig who got his/her jollies from torturing people.

Maybe I was of the ilk of H. H. Holmes, Vlad Tepes, Gilles de Rais or Elizabeth Bathory.

I really would like to know.

Because Karma, the bitch, she has risen up and is biting me in the ass. Hard.

It's the only reason I can find to explain the insanity that is my job these days.

I'm not even able to find time to be evil in this lifetime these days. Which is just as well I suppose, because what would happen the next lifetime along?


ticknart said...

"What would happen the next lifetime along?"

You'd be made President of the USA.

Ian Lidster said...

You are much too cool and intelligent to be a sadist. Sadism is the mark of a basic and limited intellect. As for your job, I have no idea how married your are to it, but remember you only go around once. May it get better. I once quit a shit job and I was the boss, but had to answer to assholes on a board. I've never regretted it and never looked back.

Jazz said...

Tick - now THAT is a scary thought.

Ian - Meh, it's not a shit job, really, it's just that all jobs have their Conradian moments where all you want to do is moan: "the horror, the horror!" Bwah!!

Ian Lidster said...

PS, if you decide to give the Olympics a miss, you are definitely welcome to come by Comox. We'll even set a place for you and Mr. Jazz.

Voyager said...

Is there any job in the world that never has sit days? Not mine. And I can't even write about it or I would be dooced in a blink.

Voyager said...

Of course "sit days" was not what I intended to write. Intriguing concept though.

geewits said...

Yowch! And those weekends don't seem very close when you're sitting on Tuesday.

Lhianon said...

... at least I know where you've been so far this week.
*hugs* hopefully it will get better soon...

Big Brother said...

Ever notice that we live the relativity of time everyday... on job time looooong, holiday time short. Remember what I told you, could be worse, you could be working at McDonald's. If you really had bad karma that's where you'd be! ;op

Jazz said...

Ian - If I decide to go to the Olympics, i'll definitely give them a miss in your favour

Voyager - Yep, them "sit days" are always ready to hit you over the head, aren't they? I try not to give too many details about work either. Unless your job entails tons of travel to exotic places and sitting on beaches all day, how interesting can it be?

Geewits - yeah, really

Lhia - I will eventually turn up again, but it's not looking good this week.

BB - You're very into relativity this week, brother mine! ;-p

Jocelyn said...

No time to wreak your evil? Now *that's* busy, girl.

Time to slow down for a cosmopolitan?

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock will be extra evil in the absence of your evil.

Or maybe Evil Spock will just get a sandwich.

Hageltoast said...

i'm voting for Lizzie B. ;)
life is waaay to short to stay in a job you hate hun.

Jazz said...

Jocelyn - well I did have wine yesterday evening... I'd've liked you to be there to drink it with me.

ES - I'm betting on the sandwich.

Toastie - I don't hate my job, but it seems every time I complain about it everyone thinks I do. Perhaps because when I complain I do it strenuously?? It's just that this past week has been completely insanely busy.