Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You know those days when there is absolutely nothing to say?

That's about it.

But I did finally get my blogroll updated. I think I got everyone. Email me if we visit and I missed you.


Dave said...

I think I would rather see your blank space, like your post today, rather than a useless picture or video. There is never anything wrong with having nothing to say. At least this way, when there is something to read, it's worth reading. I actually enjoyed your blog today! Does that make sense? I think it does!

Looks like this comment is longer than the post it was commenting on! LOL :-)

Take care!

The OE said...

I'll have this looked into. In the meantime I'll revisit the tadpole issue at the rebel base.

Jazz said...

Dave - thanks for your kind words. Maybe I should post your comment as my blog! LOL

OE - I'm not sure the tadpole issue is the most important one. I'm thinkin fibre might be a more "explosive" issue.