Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Marillion Weekend 2009


What I learned (or in some cases already knew) at the Montreal Marillion weekend.

  • Marillion fans are somewhat obsessive.
  • Despite what people I know seem to think, I am less obsessed than many.
  • The atmosphere in the balcony doesn't quite cut it, despite the fact that there is way less pain involved, requiring a move back to the floor.
  • Knees and backs protest much more at 6+ hours of standing when you're on the wrong side of 40 than when you're 20.
  • Nine hours of Marillion live over three days is beyond great.
  • Ninety percent of Marillion fans are male. Of the remaining 10%, probably half are there as the "girlfriend of".
  • The female 10% is thrilled at this ratio, because there is never a lineup at the loo.
  • Waiting in line has its good sides. I met some really great people.
  • They really should make an effort to sell good beer at concert venues.
  • Copious yelling and cheering wreaks havoc on the vocal cords.
  • I am not as young as I used to be. Adolescence may be a state of mind, but it sure as hell isn't a state of body.
  • In this I am not alone, there were lots of grey heads there. Average age was probably in the 40s. We are indeed obsessed.
  • The band's name wasn't even on the marquee (!!!), so the musical usually playing at the Olympia should pay them for all the extra tickets that will be sold. People were walking past, looking at the huge line and wondering, wow, is it that good? and probably rushing out to buy tickets.
  • There is no other band I would spend four hours waiting in the cold pouring rain for, thus I am not quite insane.
And for Jocelyn... it was bliss indeed.


Mr. Jazz said...

Marillion fans are a peaceful bunch. Some venues (such a Théâtre Olympia) really go overboard with security.

Suldog said...

I'm so glad you had a good time overall. I know the feeling about not being as young as you used to be. I go to a Deep Purple concert (talk about lots of grey heads...) and I feel like I've been in a 10-round fight afterward.

lime said...

ah, glad to hear it was such a terrific, if tiring, time. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun. I haven't been to a concert of any sort for decades, I think.

Anonymous said...

So we have an exhausted, but more-than-happy Jazz, it sounds like! Glad it met your expectations!

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, ESQ said...

How about that stage? I don't know if that 'Sharazade' production just left it there or it was planned. But it was brilliant.
Legs and back are still sore from all the standing - next time I'll bring more comfortable shoes!

Rachel said...

Wow, Ive never been enough of a fan of anything to want to stand in b ad weather hours on end just for the privelege of standing for hours more with a bunch of elbows and knees and blurry faces.

Glad you had a good time. :)

Jazz said...

Mr. Jazz - Yeah, the security was sorta overboard. I wouldn't have wanted to meet one of those dudes in a dark alley.

Suldog - A 10 round fight, three nights in a row. Yep, that sounds about right. It kicked major ass.

Lime - Oh it was. Besides, I'll have forever to recuperate before they come back :-(

XUP - Wanna come to the next Marillion Convention?

Pink - Beyond expectations. Way beyond!

BBF - Oooh! A fellow maniac (well other than Mr. Jazz of course). Welcome to my blog. The stage was actually the setup for Scherezade. And it looked bloody fantastic didn't it? Damn, wish we had actually met! Unless maybe we did... I had seriously comfortable shoes, but it didn't help much. But I am willing to suffer for the cause!

Rachel - well that's because you don't know Marillion. Ha.