Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone Just Shoot Me Please

What the hell was I thinking? Seriously, WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Over 1600 sq.ft. of surface to paint.

Two coats of primer, two coats of paint...

A corridor with seven (yeah, seven !!) doors in it.

A kitchen with all it's nasty little corners and cabinets to paint around.

A back room containing the furnace and water heater and all the attached piping... (which might need three coats of primer seeing the soot stains in there because of the furnace issues).

All I want to do is catch up on my blogs and then run to hide at the cottage. Ain't gonna happen.

What was I mainlining the day I decided it would be a good idea to actually do this myself rather than pay someone to do it for me?

I must be insane. It's the only possible explanation.


Jim said...

Courage. It will all be over sometime this millennium.

geewits said...

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

It sounds like you are not taking the prescribed wine breaks.

And trust me, once it is all done and the stuff cleared away, you will be ever so pleased.

VioletSky said...

Yourself? Yourself? Where is MR JAZZ during this? You should be with a beer nearby and tape while he does the painting, then you run out to the store for more "supplies".

ticknart said...

Well, you can make sure all the doors and windows are shut tight while you paint and you'll either get high and have lots of fun or pass out. Either way, the time'll move much faster.

xup said...

I was ready to shoot you when you first mentioned the idea. Painting anything sounds like slow torture to me. Is it too late to call a pro?

Gaelyn said...

Bang! What were you thinking? I hate to paint and had to do the roof of my RV. Glad there was very little brush work. I've paid to have it done in the past, and will gladly in the future. Hang in there.

pinklea said...

I don't mind the painting as much as I dislike the prep work. And the cleanup. But I do like the results! It's very satisfying to look around at a freshly painted room and think, "I did this!" Of course, it's WAY more satisfying to look around and think, "Someone else did this while I was having a nap."

Big Brother said...

Yes... nuff said.

Jazz said...

Suldog - I had to click on that link to find out who the hell you were. I'm hoping.

Geewits - winebreaks mean I won't get it done. Tomorrow COLOUR!!! YEH!!

Violet - Mr. Jazz is painting too. But I'm the one who had the brilliant idea of doing it ourselves.

Tick - sounds like a plan!

XUP - Way too late. 'nuff said.

Gaelyn - Next time, I'll pay someone's salary. Yep. I will.

Pink - We"re done with the two coats of primer (bright colours and all). Tomorrow more colour goes up. At least I'll feel like something is happening.

BB - I KNOW you do your painting yourself. Next time I'll pay you to do it.

Voyager said...

Painting would be fun, if you could just hire someone to prepare all the walls, put the masking tape up around the mouldings, do the cutting in, and then come back and clean up after you have done the rolling yourself. Hey I just thought up a new business idea.

lime said...

if i were close by i'd come help you. i don't mind painting. there is a zen quality to it.

Big Brother said...

Sorry lil sister. I don't do painting, in fact I loath painting. I'll build the wall, put up the gyprock, plaster, do the trim but Mrs. BB does the painting.

citizen of the world said...

One room at a time, one door at a time. You'll get there!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

We really and truly are sooo similar... after renovating an old farm a number of years ago (with all that entails: stripping walls, demolishing walls, rebuilding walls and painting Kms of walls) I vowed NEVER, EVER to go anywhere near that kind of work again...

7yrs on, we've just finished redecorating our place (another old house) and now, as we prepare to move again...I'm having nightmares about all the stripping and repainting I'll have to do at our new place (yet another OLD house much in need of renovation)...Once a fool...!!!!
Have a nice day/week/month/year (painting!!!) :)

Jazz said...

Voyager - I hardly touched the roller. I'm the designated detailer (sigh)

Lime - surprisingly I find that to be true also, despite the aggravation of it all.

BB - Then I'll hire Mrs. BB

Citizen - And you should know!!! I was thinking about you while doing this.

HTE - You are truly insane. Truly.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, yes. Clearly, honey:
You are insane.