Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wherein Jazz realizes that crooked walls do indeed count

No biggie she said.

Crooked walls don't affect painting she said.

She now begs to differ. She was wrong. Again.

As she was when she estimated it'd take 3-4 days max to repaint.

Because when walls are crooked and the new kitchen cupboards arrive, the cupboard guys deal with it quite logically by installing the cupboards straight and using caulking to fill in the gaps.

When a kitchen is white and the caulking is white you don't really see the difference. So you tape and you paint and when you pull of the tape the paint comes too because, news flash! Paint doesn't stick to caulking. Not that type at any rate.

Who knew?

Wasn't that one of the lessons learned?

There will always be touch ups.

On the plus side, the learning curve was Everest steep, but we learned a helluva lot.

* Picture of the crooked house in Poland from Neatorama, who got it from WebUrbanist.


furiousBall said...

sorry to hear about the painting troubles. that sucks caulk

Anonymous said...

I could write a thousand posts on the mistakes I've made and lessons learned while I remodeled.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the paint that doesn't stick to caulking. I have some (miserable) experience of that myself. Why doesn't somebody invent a caulking to which paint DOES stick - or maybe they have and we newbie painters just haven't done our research?

Dorky Dad said...

I hate painting. But I love having nicely painted walls. My life is a big debate over which feeling is strongest. So far it's a draw.

geewits said...

There will always be touch ups. hee hee.

I'll be seeing my best friend's new house for the first time on the 15th and she is always saying things like, "I don't know if I'll have the sun room finished" or some other thing. I told her , "Hey, I own a house, you know. A house is NEVER finished."

VioletSky said...

Guess it would have been easier to match the cupboards to the caulking.

Fuball: haha!

rachel said...

Wait, the house in that pic actually looks like that? Its not some digital tomfoolery?

Good god, what next? Crooked cars?

Jeaux said...

I woke up in that house a couple weekends ago.

Chances are you're using a latex, which is to say water-based, paint. Caulk is designed to resist moisture. I take it you've done the math by now...

Hagelrat said...

I hate painting, too many years of magnolia paint and my mothers standards.

Ian Lidster said...

The joys of painting cannot be surpassed. If you have been wondering where my blog went, BTW, so have I. They just gave me notification this morning that my blog has been made inaccessible. Pourquoi? I have no idea and they offer nada explanation. I want to kill them.

Suldog said...

"There will always be touch ups."

Words to live by.

Jocelyn said...

You are so totally in painting hell.

Are the fumes killing enough brain cells that you no longer care, at least?

Jazz said...

Furball - Bwah!

Citizen - if you did, it would make it easier on the rest of us...

Pink - I'll bet if it does exist it's a well kept secret. And they're all laughing at us.

DD - I don't mind painting, but next time I'll do it on a smaller scale - not 60% of the apartment all at once. From here on, it's one room at a time.

Geewits - Mea culpa, I haven't done the touch ups yet... sigh.

Violet - Actually the cupboards and caulking are both white. As were the kitchen walls. We put 'em white temporarily - over five years ago...

Rachel - From what I saw on the website, it is indeed really crooked.

Jeaux - Latex, yep. Now couldn't you have told me that BEFORE I started painting?

Hagelrat - I inherited my mother's standards... It still annoys me that it isn't perfect.

Ian - I've posted so people go to you.

Suldog - Indeed

Jocelyn - Fumes are unfortunately no longer an issue. I was surprised at the lack of smell of latex now. Last time I painted, lo these many years ago, it stunk. No longer.

Joanie Hoffman said...

i want to read your blog but after all this painful painting stuff...so i go look at ian's new blog, major bummer & scary about the old one, and griffin the cat has died.
i'll be back in a week or so...
(i am sorry about the cat).

Joanie Hoffman said...

i went to the ladies room and thought maybe my comment that i meant to be funny wasn't. if we had known each other for a long time, maybe i could make a joke about the painting (i would never make a joke about a pet, i just meant that ian's blog was a shock to read and sad).
just so you know that i am not a total loser, just sometimes.
happy days,

xup said...

Has no one heard of these crazy gangs of people who actually paint for a living? I believe they call them "professional painters". One gives them a little money, then one goes away for a while to a spa or something and when one gets back the painting is done and beautiful and so one gives these "professional painters" a little more money. Of course there is little blog fodder in that option....

Susan Tuttle said...

i love that house!!!!!

Jazz said...

Joanie - You can joke about the painting - hell I do... Please do come back.

XUP - I've heard of those people. Next time they paint, I'll know why it takes so long!

Susan - It's great isn't it?

Ricë said...

i feel your pain. really. it's time to paint the studio here at the Voodoo Cafe, the last room, the one that hasn't ever been painted by us in--omigod--20 years. the ceilings slope. the young couple we bought the house from built it themselves.

i rue the day.

i hope the end was easier--

lime said...

that is the trippiest looking house!

ah , the joys of painting.