Monday, January 02, 2006

The rodent - the end

Well, first off, Happy New Year to everyone. May 2006 be everything you want it to be.


We went to the cottage over the holidays.

Checked the traps.

No squirrel. He left by however he came in I suppose. Was I thrilled? Oh yeah. I was sort of rooting for the little bugger so I was quite content to not have to throw his little corpse into the garbage.

That was the high point of the holidays. I obviously lead a terribly exciting life.


I feel as though I should have tons to say for the new year. I was actually quite looking forward to updating, but I'm having problems even making it this far in the entry.

So far 2006 is singularly uninspiring.

Resolutions? Meh, can't be bothered since I never keep them anyway. Besides, even if I did make resolutions, I wouldn't post them here. Making them public holds me accountable, so I'd fail doubly when I didn't keep them.

OK, one resolution: keep this up, hopefully with an inspired post here and there. Which is obviously NOT happening so far this year.

Just shoot me now. *rolls eyes*


paula said...

You underestimate your entries, Lil. It's your blog and you don't have to do a song and dance each time you post (though I can relate to feeling that way). Reading between the lines, it sounds like you had a nice and relaxing holiday time (i.e.--no squirrel carcass!). So will Danny Gregory's book inspire you to sketch, and maybe post those sketching...?

Foxtrot said...

I second that, Lil, you so underestimate yourself, have no idea where it's coming from :)

I know you personally and I consider you one of my best friend, even though we don't communicate often. Keep it up!