Friday, February 22, 2008

Current obsessions

Illustration Now, a book containing work by about 150 illustrators worldwide. Despite (or maybe because) I can't draw to save my life, I absolutely love illustration. Knowing this, Mr. Jazz came home with this book a couple of weeks ago. Who needs Valentine's day?

Kelly Joe Phelps - How I love his music. His latest album - well, it does date back to 2006 - Tunesmith Retrofit, is great. The guy, his guitar and the Blues. It doesn't get any better than that. There are many others on You Tube.

Goodnight Irene

River Rat Jimmy

Portuguese grilled chicken cooked on a braseiro. It's the best pre-cooked chicken you can buy, done to perfection, seasoned just right. It's heaven on a drumstick it is.

Grapefruit - It's just wonderfully sweet and juicy this year. I can't get enough of it. Does anyone know why they call it grapefruit? Why grape????

My Mutant Lucky Bamboo - That plant on my desk has grown so much it's actually beginning to fall over. Why haven't I managed to kill it? I always kill plants. Something must have gone horribly wrong!

Vacation - In a bit over a month I'm off to Australia again to see friends that haven't been seen in a couple of years. The world is a small small place now. I'm getting to the point of wondering if I'll actually make it to the end of March before causing grievous bodily harm to someone other than myself. The CFH* is driving me insane.

The Family Markowitz by Allegra Goodman. I am loving this book.

Getting through this Friday to the blessed weekend. That will indeed be wonderful. Hopefully this won't turn into a "metric day" with 100 seconds in every minute and 100 minutes in every hour... That would not be good.

*AKA the Colleague From Hell. The woman is basically Pollyanna on steroids. With a bit of delusional neurosis thrown in. She's a bit disturbing really.


furiousBall said...

i have been on a grapefruit thing lately too. love 'em

XUP said...

Grapefruits grow in clusters like grapes.

I am currently obsessed with France - reading about it, eating French food, drinking French wine, watching French TV, throwing random French phrases into my every day conversation (which makes me look really fou-fou

Jazz said...

Furiousball - It's the best isn't it.

XUP - I knew you of all people could clear that up for me. Clusters... who knew. N'est-ce pas?

somewhere joe said...

I love illustration too. Check out the portfolios here.

Ian Lidster said...

I read that it's called grapefruit because it hangs in clusters on the tree, just like real big grapes.
And, I agree, I like grapefruit, too. In Palm Springs last year we picked them right off the tree and they were so sweet they could be peeled and eaten in segments like oranges.

Tai said...

Pollyanna on steroids...I've got one of them here, too!
Why do they plague us, Jazz? Why can't they just go back to lala land where they belong?

ticknart said...

I always figured they were called grapefruit because some guy shoved a big one down the front of his pants and yelled to his friend, "Charlie, check out the size of my grapes!" :D

A Happy Downtowner said...

I have no clue as to why they call it grapefruits, my brain is not big enough to worry about such things, me I just want to enjoy them! Just like I enjoy Portuguese chicken, there is a place at the market and I think I'm going to stop there tonight.

I'd love to go on vacation in March, and even more to go to Australia. I'll have to make do with a day here and there until September until we go to Paris :)

Send your CFH here, we'll take care of her... hehehe

geewits said...

Your current obsessions, look good, sound great and seem quite tasty! I love grapefruit but had to give it up years ago because of my medicine. I sure miss it! And there's nothing better than chicken with the perfect seeasonings that has been cooked just right. Yum.

Mr. Jazz said...

It's a metric day snowise: look outside colice!!!

Ian: Phil Esposito & Jimmy Page were also born on Feb. 20th. Not in '62 like me though....

Portuguese Galinha rocks! And so does KJP.

Rachel said...

I havent had a grapefruit yet this year. I must rectify that oversight.

as for the mutant bamboo; did you ever see the movie "little shop of horrors?" if people start disappearing, you might want to turn it into a placemat set.

That girl said...

No idea why it's called a grapefruit. Although, they do have this new thing now (at least it's new to me, i never saw it until a few days ago) it's called a GRAPPLE... an apple, modified to taste like grape. And it does!! it's $5.00 for 4 apples mind you, but oh my word, was it ever yummy. The kids loved it.

Josie said...

Your CFH sounds like the antithesis to my BWS, who basically is the most evil person I ever met.

Australia in a month? *sigh* That sounds absolutely wonderful...!

citizen of the world said...

Ah, xup scooped me on the grapefruit name origin. I love red grapefruit especially, with a little brown sugar and heated in the microwave.

Jocelyn said...

I need Portugese chicken right now. Oh, and Allegra Goodman is such a good read--'tho I haven't read her for maybe eight years. If you look at her name, you'll have, *cough cough*, the world's strongest hint about what my Girl's real name is (not Goodman).

I'm going to find that illustration book for my husband and Niblet. That is SOOOO up their alleys.

Big Brother said...

The steroid Pollyannas of this world are only like that until they go postal. So if she suddenly gets a fixed, grimace of a smile and a glazed 1000 yard stare, watch out. Check her desk for long thin packages stained with gun oil. ;o)

Jazz said...

Joe - Oh, I love those

Ian - Pink grapefruit is the best.

HD - I'm sure you'd beat the CFH into submission.

Geewits - No grapefruit? You poor thing.

Mr. Jazz - KGP does indeed rock

Rachel - Hmmmm... maybe the CFH will disappear? That would be good.

That Girl - Sounds interesting, but why would they make apples taste like grapes... Why not simply eat grapes then?

Josie - Her very chipperness is evil. Believe me. She's so busy being chipper that she never gets anything done halfway right.

Citzen - Ruby Reds.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Jocelyn - Allegra is a beautiful name. And there's a 2nd volume out of that illustration book. I saw it yesterday... I wonder how long I'll be able to leave it on the shelves.

BB - I knew it!!!!