Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Supermarket Shenanigans and Birthdays

The big supermarkets here (Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys) have gone to the government because they no longer want to give consumers 0.05$ for their returnable bottles and cans. According to them, there is no reason to pay for returns, since consumers are now so used to recycling that they'll recycle all those cans and bottles. Consumers, they say, no longer need to be rewarded with money for bringing back their cans.

They seem to conveniently forget that when you buy returnables like beer or soft drinks, they charge you that 0.05$ per bottle/can over and above the price you pay. So how, exactly is it a reward to consumers to reclaim money they have already spent?

Just askin', ya know?


In other news, Mr. Jazz has joined me. I am no longer older than him - at least for a few months. I won't bore you with stories of what a great guy he is. Just: Happy Birthay Mr. J.


XUP said...

Also, I understand it's actually illegal for all those people to go around collecting emtpy bottles/cans from people's recycling bins in order to help eke out a living

Mr. Jazz said...

Merci mon Amour ♥♥♥

Josie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jazz!!!


Rachel said...

I try not to think about the inner workings of the capitialistic mind.

So, happy Birthday Mr. Jazz!

geewits said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jazz! You are now the age of the cool people.

(Until April when I will be older and therefore uncool.)

My word verification is:
I wish that guy in the bar today had been an unhawkr! Eeeeeew!

Dave said...

You certainly made an excellent point regrding those cans and bottles. Happy Bday Mr. Jazz.

Jocelyn said...

I'm startin' to think you just might like Mr. Jazz.

Give him 0.05$ on me, won't you?

choochoo said...

you're practically robbin' the cradle, you are:P

XUP said...

When was Mr. Jazz's B'Day? Mine was this week, too... we might be twins separated at birth. So, I just wanted to investigate

Jazz said...

XUP - Yesterday I saw an old lady picking cans from the garbage and couldn't help but wonder what she would do if supermarkets no longer took back cans and bottles. Oh, and Mr. Jazz - February 20.

Mr. Jazz - Merci mon chéri.

Josie - He thanks you.

Rachel - that is a good idea indeed

Geewits - unhawkr - it took me a while to understand that and um... as you said... ewwwwwww

Dave - I like making points. Espcially pointing out obvious bullshit. Except my own of course.

Joce - I'm starting to think I might actually like him myself.

Choochoo - A regular cougar I am...

Ian Lidster said...

My birthday greetings to Mr. Jazz, too, since he and I almost share the same day -- along with Kelsey Grammer.