Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Statistics

It's Friday, almost the weekend, so I thought I'd leave you with some interesting statistics to ponder:*

  • It takes 3,985 U.S. quarters does to outweigh unstable celebrity Tom Cruise
  • One human small intestine is as long as approximately 3.3 giraffe necks
  • One Right Whale testicle weighs in at 17,636.98 human eyeballs (big testicles they have them whales)
  • Tom Cruise weighs the same as 133.33 placentas (him again!)
  • There are 16,896 flaccid penises in a mile. Or 13,440 for the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Of course NBA star Shaquille O’Neill is as high as 1.22 giraffe’s necks.... but y'all knew that.
  • As well as the fact that the small intestine is as long as 58.5 human tongues.

* From Weird Converter and many thanks to Mr. Jazz for sending me this “blog food”, as he calls it.


Evil Spock said...

Thank you for more useless knowledge Evil Spock can drop about flacid penises at cocktail parties.

Ian Lidster said...

But, what about the 'left' whale testicle? And, as for the flaccid penises, I think I'll refrain from my next question.
Have a great weekend my droll and delightful friend.

ticknart said...


Jill said...

If whale testicles are so big, how come you never see them? Where do they keep them?? I'm pretty sure whales don't wear underwear....

Dorky Dad said...

Whose penis now? Should there not be a range there?

Hageltoast said...

glad to hear it, or something.