Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More drivel and an introduction:

Just sayin'

The perfect bureaucrat everywhere is the man who manages to make no decisions and escape all responsibility. - Brooks Atkinson

Things to ponder

Isn't Disneyland a people trap operated by a mouse?

If fire fighters fight fires and crime fighters fight crime, what do freedom fighters fight?

Why isn't phonic spelled the way it sounds?


You might remember a while back, I came clean about my obsession with Potato Heads, and presented Darth Tater. Since then, more Potato Heads have been added, among them another Darth Tater, R2 Potatoo

And a Spudtrooper (you can't see it too well, but his weapon is a potato masher).

Drumroll please! (again!)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the latest addition to the collection (with many many thanks to the wonderful JazzSis): Spider Spud!!!


Ian Lidster said...

-- and, are the children of Couch Potatoes known as Tater Tots?
Have you ever pondered the challenge to a person with a speech impediment to pronounce 'lisp?' Or worse, 'lisps?'
Now I can start my day. Love your spuds, by the way, and I bet you don't get that compliment all that often.

ticknart said...

The Spudtrooper has eyes that look just perfect for poking.

Do any of those come with mustaches? I'd love to see R2 Potatoo with a 'stache.

justacoolcat said...

I don't know why, but R2 Potatoo keeps making me laugh.

Voyager said...

I love the potatoe masher weapon. I've never seen these potatoe heads, I must not hang out in the right stores.

Jazz said...

Ian - You're right, I'm rarely complimented on my spuds... and Tater Tots?!?! LOL

Tick - acually I think Darth Tater or the Spudtrooper has a 'stache.

Justacoolcat - A friend of mine took that little arm on his head, and stuck it upright right over his feet. Laugahable indeed. Welcome to my blog.

Voyager - I don't hang out at the right stores either. Word has gotten around that I collect them, and every so often someone gives me one.

Hageltoast said...

i love the potato heads.
Disneyland is definately a man trap for the evil weird mouse.

Josie said...

I love kitchen gadgets. I could spend hours in The Kitchen Store. But I have never seen a Spudtrooper potato masher. I have to get myself one of those. Too funny!

Dorky Dad said...

OK, that Spidey Potato Head is a bit much. But I NEED that R2D2 one. I need it bad.

geewits said...

The crime fighter/firefighter question is like one of my old favorites: If olive oil is made from olives and soybean oil from soybeans, what is baby oil made from?

Back in '88 or '89 I bought my daughter the whole Mr. Potato Head kit and kaboodle. It came in a giant bucket. I spent many hours playing with that stuff. She? Not so much.

Phonics. heh heh heh

(and they should make easier word verifications for people who post after drinking beer all day. uzzrknya? WTF!?!)

Evil Spock said...

I read stories to children today, and one of them had a Spider Spud.