Monday, June 04, 2007

A hoax and a trip...

Well it seems the new reality show Big Brother was talking about in his last post, the "Win a Kidney!" show was an elaborate hoax to gain attention for the plight of people waiting for donors.

The "donor" was an actress, although the people "chosen" to win her kidney were really patients - who were in on the hoax.

I suppose the passions raised by the whole thing - if comments on Big Brother's blog are any indication - might make people think about the issue. And lets face it, rational appeals have never worked.

However, cynic that I am, I'm really not certain many more people will sign donor cards, whether through pure laziness or the fact that they want to be buried with all their pieces, who knows.

I think the whole God-how-low-can-you-sink furor might, at best, draw attention to the total takiness of most, if not all, reality shows... for a few days at least.

The transplant patients will just have to go on waiting.


In other news... it seems likely that the Jazzer and Mr. Jazz will be off to Texas in the fall. I drove through Texas once, and all I remember about it was cotton fields, some cars planted upright in a field (or did I dream that?), and a billboard for a restaurant where you could get a 5lb steak.... and if you ate it all, they gave you another one! Is it just me, or is a that really strange? Who could eat two 5 lb steaks? Or maybe I'm underestimating the capacity of a human stomach to contend with 10lbs of steak....

I'm off to brush up on my Texas culture, gonna go watch those King of the Hill DVDs again.


Voyager said...

So it was a hoax? Is that waht we are reduced to for getting people to think about organ donation? Huh.

Tai said...

I first heard about that 30,000 feet in the air over Greenland. Both Spider Girl and I gave each other quizzical looks and decided it couldn't be legit.
But people who need transplants are, so I'm thinking of being a donor (though I feel sorry for anyone who might end up with my liver, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

Happily Anonymous said...

Aren't all Reality shows a hoax of some sort? (Just trying to wrap the word real in my mind around any show under that genre.) I'm easily confused though.

Evil Spock said...

Saw that it was a hoax on Google frontpage.

As far as Texas goes, have fun! If you happen to finish off ten lbs. of steak, be sure to know the number of a good hospital.

Jill said...

Oh, you've only scratched the surface of Texas weirdness. Trust me.

Where are you going to be going?

Dorky Dad said...


geewits said...

Oh come on. I've lived in Texas for over 25 years. The car thing? I thought that was in Arizona. Yeah west Texas is brown and arid, but east Texas is very green. Especially now, BECAUSE IT HAS RAINED EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH. Sorry, I'm just really tired of the rain. Anyhoo, will you be anywhere near Dallas/Fort Worth?

Ian Lidster said...

Now that it has been exposed as a hoax, I think that other magnificent hoaxes should be mounted in the name of reality shows. Then the human race could lose complete touch with an ability to separate sham from reality.
Come to think of it, we already have that. It's called political promises.

ticknart said...

I don't understand the hoax thing. Is it supposed to be like the Live Organ Donor bit from Monty Python's Meaning of Life, or is it just supposed to encourage people to put the sticker on their drivers license?

I'm all for giving up parts of my body after I'm dead, but I'm not so sure about doing it while I'm still alive.

mist1 said...

I'm pretty attached to my organs. At least for right now. I have the little organ donor mark on my driver's license, but I think I should get discounts and preferential treatment places because of it.

Jazz said...

Voyager - Seems that way, but I'm not sure it'll work.

Tai - Welcome Back!!! It is the thought that counts until they start forcing you to take good care of that liver for the next guy down the line.

Happily A - Not so easily confused. A "real" reality show would be as boring as all get out. I don't know many people who are interesting enough to have a show filming their reality.

Spock - I'm lucky if I can finish off 5 oz of steak, let along 10 lbs.

Jill - I'm relishing the thought of weirdness. I'll be around Dallas (I have a friend there) but we'll also probably be wandering around. Where are you? Email me if you like.

DD - Wanna come and have some?

Geewits - I'm just sayin' what I saw of it. And I googled the cars, it's the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. I'm sure Texas is tons more than what I saw driving through on my way home. Actually I will be in Dallas.

Ian - "Political promises" Damn, man, I love you. Will you be my wife?

Ticknart - I'm hoping its not Meaning of Life organ donation! Damn that movie was a hoot.

Mist - You know, that is a brilliant idea! Many more people would donate if they could get discounts.

Jazz said...

Geewits - here's the url for the Cadillac Ranch

Damn, I thought it would link. Sorry.

paula said...

Ah...Y'all are heading down to MY neck of the woods! Well, kinda. Corpus is only NINE hours south of Dallas, but hey. It's a big state so there's much diversity in geography. If you and Mr. Jazz get the chance, check out San Antonio. The Riverwalk is lovely. Oh, and be sure and eat yourselves some chicken-fried steak. It's a Texas staple. Yu-um!