Tuesday, January 10, 2006

De-lurking and dentists

Nice alliteration there eh?

In honour of de-lurking week, you must leave a comment on the blogs you visit. Failing to do so will result in the gods of blogging striking you down! Be afraid, be very very afraid! *

This being said....
Yesterday evening the Jazzer went to the dentist to have an old filling replaced. What fun!
As I lay there in the chair, crappy dentist "sunglasses" on my face, staring nervously into the "interrogation" spotlight, I had in my mouth:
- the mirror thingy taht was pushing aside my tongue,
- the waterpiky thing,
- the vacuum cleaner, and
- the drill.
I couldn't help but wonder how the hell they managed to cram all that in there. Yes, yes, I know, I have a big mouth, but it's a figurative big mouth, ya know?
And the drill. The drill would merit an entry all its own, high as it is on the horror scale. I know this wasn't The Marathon Man (showing my age here), but still. The buzz in your brain as the thing eats away the old fillings. The smell of burning tooth. The crud that inevitably accumulates at the back of our mouth that you body desperately commands you to swallow - which you can't do because your mouth is open wider than a mouth should ever be unless you're a garter snake swallowing a field mouse. The bright shiny sharp (!!) instruments handed back and forth before your eyes. Just thinking of it has me shuddering again.
The question begs an answer. Why does one become a dentist? Of course we thank the gods of candy that they do, but what can possess a person to spend their life rooting around in other people's mouths? Drilling teeth, filling teeth, capping teeth, root canaling teeth...
Do future dentists actually say: Damn teeth and cavities are so fascinating that I'm gonna make a career out of them?
Or do they have powe issues? I'm in your chair, you have a power tool drilling away in my mouth... you have my total and absolute submission. I am your bitch.
Latent sadism perhaps?
Enquiring minds wanna know.
*Are you afraid yet? Didn't think so. *sigh*
OK, why are my returns not showing up??


choochoo said...

Gods of blogging? I think you might be taking this hobby a bit to seriously... Just a thought :o)

paula said...

I've wondered the same thing myself, and even more so for dental hygenists (who don't bring in much dinero for the effort). Oh, and you should really post a warning of something before you elaborate on dental details! I found myself feeling your pain. Owie!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that dentists have the highest suicide rate of all doctors . . . your description was SO vivid-- ugh, I have an appt next week . . And? The runaway cow from your previous post-- my mom sent me that one, too-- God it kills me.