Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To new friends, despite not having the words

I have fallen head over heels in like. It happened on New Years Eve. A "coup de foudre" as we say in French. Sounds much better than the English "love at first sight", it means literally, a lightening bolt.

So yeah I met this woman (T) and we hit it off to an amazing extent. I haven't felt this way about a new friend in the longest time. Right away, when we started talking it was as if we'd known each other forever. Her boyfriend (the original friend, aka P) had predicted that we would hit it off...

Funny enough, I could be her mother (well, if I had had her at 16...), and yet we are so very much on the same wavelength. P says that's because we're both smartasses. He's probably right, but hopefully there's more to this new friendship than "smartassiness".

T will be moving here from across the continent (Seattle) in a couple of months to be with him and I wish them all the best. Hopefully she won't find it too hard - after all she's leaving everything - friends, family, job for a place with a whole different language and culture. That takes guts. It has to be incredibly difficult. I seriously don't think I'd be able to do it. There's one major difference between us right there, I'm getting old an set in my ways, and ain't that a bitch to realize.

I was all set to write a long entry about how this is probably/hopefully the beginning of a great friendship, but I can't seem to get what's in my brain all the way to my fingers.

Suddenly, things are bleh. All of a sudden. I was feeling great until, in a half hour, my mood crashed like a ten-ton truck into a brick wall. It sucks.

OK, 'nuff said.

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Carolyn said...

Hey Jazz...
Bummer. It's hard to find a great girlfriend isn't it?!! It is a total drag that she's moving!
Anyway, I hope other things are ok with you... I check in here and there. I read your comments the other day about the Canadian Tire. I can totally relate, but in a different way... I work in one of those big box type retail establishments. The head honchos in the Ivory Tower can't seem to get it thru their head that in order to sell stuff you have to have salespeople to assist customers. They feel that payroll is the easiest expense to control... at the expense of the customers! It's very frustrating and exhausting to those of us in the retail trenches.
Hang in there woman!