Tuesday, January 03, 2006

God and bad drivers

Well, I have to admit, despite my agnosticism, after lunch today realized that I might actually have proof that God exists.

And no, it has nothing to do with the "anti-resolution" meal I had.

On my way to lunch, along a busy street (St-Catherine Street for those in the know), I see a car (snazzy sports model Infiniti) start up the street in reverse, squealing wheels, the whole works. It’s driver had seen a parking space. He* tears up to the spot, almost taking of the front of the car that was pulling out of the parking spot.

Throws the car into forward, wheels squealing (again) and does about 20 meters so the other car can pull out. On the way he almost tears the door off a car that had parked a little earlier – and in doing so, almost took a leg off the hapless other driver.

Slams into reverse again, wheels squealing (this was really starting to get old, but I couldn’t help watching, sort of the train wreck thing syndrom, ya know?). On the way to the parking space, he almost (once again) takes the front of a second car that was pulling out.

By now it had become horribly fascinating. Was anyone going to die?

Slams himself into gear (again), squeals down the street (again); the other car manages to leave, amazingly enough, intact.

Again ito reverse, more squealing, and the jerk parks his car.

You don’t see a god’s hand yet? You will.

On the way back to work from lunch, there was the car, with a ticket, the idiot had parked in front of a fire hydrant…

* Disclaimer: I have nothing against males, but it had to be a guy. Apologies to any men reading who feel discriminated against.


paula said...

Heh heh...Sweet justice!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

whoah! I JUST saw paula wrote the exact smae comment-- spooky . . ~bluepoppy