Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Winter elections

Elections in Canada are next Monday the 23rd. We have polls coming out the ears, with all of them pretty much agreeing that the Liberals are in trouble. Well, duh, we pretty well all knew that didn't we?

Every day, another couple are published. Enough already! I can't help but wonder how they sway people's opinions. You're undecided, you keep hearing that such and such a party is going to win, might the polls sway you in one direction or another? I'm sure the tons of polls have an effect.

Yesterday they published a lame ass poll in our riding. Apparently Jean Lapierre, who's in right now, is barely hanging on by the skin of his teeth. This in a traditionally Liberal riding. Usually, they could present a slug and it would win. And they probably have more than once. Actually I'd be more than happy if the arrogant, condescening prick lost, but I digress.

The point is, only 300 people were interviewed for this poll. It has a inaccuracy rating of 6%. SIX PERCENT!! That's huge! What's the point of even publishing a poll like that? It has a zero credibility rating. ZERO.

Guess it gives the media something to talk about on a newsless day. *shakes head*

OK, 'nuff politics. Politics bore me. Besides, whether the Liberals get back in or the Conservatives move them out, it's the same damn thing. So, like, whatever Dude....

Who, me? Cynical?

And to add insult to injury, I have to go vote in winter. In the deep dark cold of a bleak January evening. That hurts.

We're already half way through January. Thank god for small favours. January is hard. I've always hated winter (and wouldn't you know I live in a country that's a fucking freezer six months out of the year!). And Janary is the pits. Of course, February is worse and March... I don't want to even think about the horrors of March.

I can't begin to understand how people can actually like winter. I've been trying for 44 years now and it just isn't happening for me. Winter sports? Yeah, right, I'm gonna stand on two sticks and throw myself off a mountain. Sounds like a plan for the woman who has been known to walk through a plate glass door (I'll tell you about that someday, along with other Jazz moments).

The only good point about winter? Drinking Margaritas by the fire at the cottage. That about covers it for me.


Into day 2 of my second week back at the gym. So far the only resolution I've kept. Apparently it takes about three months to ingrain a habit. So I still have two and a half months and three days to go. To think that I went to the gym for 5 or so years straight, where I could take a week off and feel lumpy and be raring to get back in the gym the next week.

How stupid was it of me to stop? No, shaddap, that was a rhetorical question.

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