Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cha-ching! (Thanks BP)*

No New Years resolutions to share. Been there, done that, know much better now (insert heavy sigh here).

Still recuperating from the holiday. I’m always amazed at how much food is ingested during the holiday period. God knows we eat more than enough all the time in this country, but this time of year? Bleh. I’d ask what the point of it is, but I know there is none, so moving along.

I do have an interesting statistic for y'all to ponder, from the front page of “La Presse”, a Montreal French daily (they took it from a CCPA report you can find in PDF format here).

As of 9:45 yesterday, January 2, 2007, most of the presidents of the 100 biggest Canadian companies had made $38,010, the average annual wage in Canada.

If you make minimum wage ($15,931), they reached your salary at 12:40 on New Years day.

The poorest of these poor gentlemen ('cause there are no women in this select club) will manage to make it to the annual average wage only on January 4 at 12:39, the poor dear.

And on this scintillating note, Happy New Year everyone.

* Every time you comment on her blog, a note comes up saying: Cha-ching! Thanks for your two cents. The epitome of cute.

Photo from Don't we Canadians have pretty money, eh?


Big Brother said...

Yeah but I bet they don't have as much fun as you...then again maybe they do... hard to be sad with that much cash. Wonder what they do for that much loot, downsize the poor workers, so the rich investors can get 0.o5% more out of their investment. Come the revolution...

djali said...

Talking about New Year and fun:
spent New Year in Barcelona with my best friend.
Plaça Catalunya, 60 000 people in circle throwing empty champagne bottles in the middle at midnight.

THAT is a great year beginning!!

My resolution for the new year? Traveling more and more!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh, it is all out of whack, for sure-- add profesisonal sports playes and movie stars in there and the daily money stream can only be described as out of balance, sick, distorted.

But then, I could also be using those adjectives to describe my stomach and ass this morning . .

I didn't think I ate THAT much, but jeans don't lie.


Jazz said...

BB - The revolution will not come, cause we're too comfortable on our $38,010, watching our TiVo. Pathetic we are, really.

Djali - New Years in Barcelona - I envy you kiddo. Take pics or your old Auntie will be very annoyed.

BP - Out of balance, sick and distorted? Yep, that about covers it. I haven't really felt like eating at all since New Years dinner. Bleh.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Hey, you're back! Happy New Year, Jazz!

Jazz said...

Snay - Glad to be back. Happy NY to you too.

pjb said...

Hmmm...Interesting stat. I read recently that the happiness-factor between middle-class and upperclass in marginally small. Having a lot of money doesn't make one happier than the average money-earner. I'm not against having or pursuing wealth in and of itself. We need the wealthy. It's improper and unrighteous motives and bad stewardship that makes us detest many of them.